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Heading into 2014...

Posted over 9 years ago by

So as I sit here in that "no man's land" time that is the period between Xmas and New Year, thoughts are moving from the time spent with my wife and two excitable kids over the festive period, in particular, fathoming why my aforementioned wife insists on decking the outside of our house like a Vegas hotel, to a little reflection on recent times and what I believe 2014 has in store for Macildowie and our customers.


In years gone by, whilst I've never not relished getting back to the hustle and bustle of the recruitment industry after the Xmas break, it has, particularly in recent times been tinged with a little apprehension as to what the Economy has in store for us in the 12 months that were to follow. 


The "boom years" that were the early to mid 2000's were soon forgotten as the reality of the 2008 financial crisis, which some commentators described as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930's, hit home in the recruitment industry. At Macildowie I'm pleased to say we fared far better than most from during the years that followed. Like most businesses we've had our challenges along the way, but whilst our competitors have toiled, we have gone from strength to strength. This has included amongst other things, moving to a brand new Leicester Office, successfully opening new divisions, expanding our service offering to include Psychometric testing, investing £250k in a state of the art recruitment system, launching HR and Finance leadership academies and continuing to ensure we have the best trained Consultants in the industry when it comes to Social sourcing. We've even found time to show our key clients how they can "recruit for free" and our candidates how they can maximise their network to get an opportunity without the use of an Agency!


All of this has been in the backdrop of an unpredictable and fragile Economy. The Leadership team at Macildowie have said for a long time that it would only take a slight improvement in the Economy for us to see a significant improvement in the success of our business.  In the run up to Christmas we've had record numbers of vacancies going live, even a significant number of vacancies coming in during traditionally quiet times such as Xmas Eve and the period between Xmas and New Year. This combined with the positive musings coming out from the media (even if the report that our Economy could soon overtake Germany's may be somewhat optimistic at this stage) and the general confidence being voiced by our clients points to the fact that 2014 could be one of the best yet at Macildowie.


Whilst we can't control what happens in the wider Economy, here at Macildowie we are confident that during 2014 we'll have many an opportunity to talk to our extensive candidate base about, as well as having ultimate confidence that we can support our clients with their resourcing strategies and challenges. If we do see the anticipated upturn in the Economy then it could be a great year, not just for us, but also our clients and candidates! Here's to 2014! 


If you are an experienced recruiter / looking to get into recruitment and want to hear about opportunities with Macildowie at this exciting time, or you're a client / candidate who wants to discuss how we can Partner with your business please get in touch via the relevant link below. 


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