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Having recently penned my first blog I’ve been amazed at the impact social media does have and the potential it has to influence the way in which the recruitment market operates from today forward. I’ve recently moved from one of the worlds largest recruitment firms – one with a footprint Odysseus would be proud of, to Macildowie – a SME with a fantastic reputation in the East Midlands (and officially the 5th Best Company to work for according to the Sunday Times SME list 2014), but a relative unknown brand beyond the Watford Gap. So, in 2012 when I was first introduced to one of the Directors at Macildowie, dinner was lovely (try the Manor House in Quorn – ask for Phil and you wont be disappointed!) and the proposition, albeit very different to the one I was used to, was very interesting. 


“What would you say if I told you we go and speak to our clients and deliver training sessions on how they can recruit for free?” he asked me.


Now, as a hook to capture my interest it was fantastic, but I did question the blokes sanity. Sat as I was, working for one of the giants in the recruitment world with Central Support functions greater in number than that inhabiting some small countries, the concept that a recruitment company would educate its paying customer base to hire staff without using their services seemed absurd. 


As I enjoyed my perfectly cooked burger, my mind was racing about the ways they would commercialise the service – they must be charging for the training sessions; they must be like timeshare presentations with a hard close at the end; who is in the office making fees while they are giving our secrets away? All quite one-dimensional thinking, from a recruiter used to running a desk with more call-ins than they know what to do with, more PSL clients than they can service and more candidates than you could ever wish to register. This was, quite simply – recruitment from a different angle. 


We all know that LinkedIn is a recruitment tool that is not going away. What Macildowie have done is embrace the changing behaviour of the customer. One step further than that even – recognising “the customer” refers to both clients AND candidates! Not revolutionary I know and while the smaller recruiters will already be on this page, some of the Corporate businesses will not have this mindset. With employers having more jobs available and the time to fill those jobs becoming greater, the need for outstanding recruiters to step forward increases. There is no doubt, recruiting through a recession can be tough and the ones that have done it successfully typically recognised the need to manage all their customers with honesty, integrity and they sought to add genuine value – telling a candidate you can’t help them because they don’t fit into your sweetspot and you don’t think you can make a fee out of them may not be enough. What about adding value to their job search that will not directly and immediately benefit you in the form of a fee this month?


As I supped my now warming pint of cider, I continued to listen to the ambition for Macildowie – both the business as a whole and the Sales and Marketing division; which at the time was little more than an idea in his head. 


However, as I sit here now having spent nearly 2 months getting to know the business from the inside, having been involved in preparing and presenting the strategic vision for Macildowie for the next 3 years, we have very clear goals and a very specific plan to make that happen. 


The journey on route to our ambitions will be challenging and the culture here at Mac’s is definitely one which recognises that and invests time, money and energy to plan each step. There will be a lot of hard work, some late nights and with the characters around the table, we will undoubtedly question each other for the good of the end goal. Having come from the Corporate world, the move required a leap of faith from both myself and Macildowie – while the final destination won’t be Ithica the journey promises to be epic.  


My final thought is this.  Until I met with James Taylor that evening in 2012 I had no idea what a great business Macildowie is.  There will be other recruiters out there who will be starting to look out for new opportunities to progress their careers – to those recruiters my message is…


Give me a call, I’d love to tell you more about our ambition as a business, about my ambition for the Sales and Marketing Division and how Macs can help you to progress your career.


You can contact me by clicking through to my own web page below:

Kelvin Locke