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Our New Brand - what it means to me...

Posted about 6 years ago by


It's fair to say that the last few weeks have been emotional, with loads of important work to be completed in the run up to go-live and a snag list the length of both of my arms stuck together...  A re-brand project is actually two projects for the price of one - the re-brand itself and then the website project.

We're lucky at Macs to have a team whose skills and strengths compliment one another.  I, for example, am not a natural completer finisher or detail man so having Charlotte Dale, Emma Mann and James Stewart on the team was essential. 

To those three, I'd add the team at Volcanic (Neil and Alan in particular) and our Brand Agency NZIME (Chris and Laura in particular) as Business Partners who,  as part of the overall support team,  have bought our vision for the re-brand and Macweb to life.  Thanks everyone :-)

This experience has taught me that what you get out of a rebrand process directly correlates to what you are prepared, as a business, to put into it.  We’ve left nothing in the locker.  Our process has included:

  • a Consultation with all staff across the business.  
  • Personal vlogs on perceptions of the business. 
  • In-depth focus groups across the Macildowie structure focusing on all areas of the business.  
  • Steering groups engaged to take ideas forward.  
  • Videos developed and presentations delivered along the way to keep everyone updated and more importantly feeling included. 

This process resulted in our new Vision, Values and new brand.


Branding is emotional.  To me the new brand reflects our values in the following ways.  In my opinion it is:

  • COURAGEOUS – In a predominantly masculine brand world (in recruitment) we’re showing courage through our choice of colour.  Raspberry and plum :-)  It’s very distinctive.
  • EMPOWERING – the logo is strong, bold, colourful, full of character, unique.  We have three sets of customers in recruitment, our own people and our candidates & clients.  The logo represents our own people (middle pillar) connecting our candidates and clients (left and right pillars). 
  • INNOVATIVE – the 3D style, the use of color to link the “I's” back to the logo, the slightly quirky “W” –  Innovation can be the smallest of things - these are all examples of how we do things that little bit differently. 
  • COLLABORATIVE – the logo design can be interpreted as two open doors, we operate an open door culture here at Macs to foster collaboration.  
  • AMBITIOUS – the raspberry and plum colour combination, our choice of font, the boldness of the design all represent our ambition. The New Macs is not a hide away in the corner brand.  We wanted a brand that enables us to create an employer brand and office experience that excites & inspires the whole Macs family.

I have a favourite phrase when it comes to our brand...

“Brand is everything, everything is brand”…

I believe that our brand is everything that our customers and prospective customers think, feel, say, hear, read, watch, imagine and hope about our recruitment value propositions and service.

This is the start of a new era for Macs, we fully anticipate that through hard work and dedication - the brand will help us to fill an even higher percentage of our clients vacancies and ensure that we find great jobs for our candidates.  That, after all, is why we're here!

If you are a prospective candidate thinking about your next career move - please view our candidate value proposition by clicking below:

Our Candidate Value Proposition.

Similarly, if you are a Hiring Manager wanting to be pro-active about hiring talent into your business - please take a look at our full service offering below:

Macildowie Client Value Proposition

We look forward to hearing from you.