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Wellbeing Snapshots from our HR, Talent & Resourcing Academy

Posted about 3 years ago by Darius Matusiak


Our hot topics were wellbeing and culture at our HR, Talent and Resourcing Academy on 27th September. It was a great opportunity for different businesses to join together and share ideas and suggestions about what makes up an effective wellbeing culture for their organisations.

We hosted our HR Academy at PKF Cooper Parry offices in Castle Donnington, offering a creative energy and environment for employees. This was an opportunity to share ideas in a small group setting and gain some key takeaways from the event.  


Well Being, so what?

There can be impression that wellbeing is just about health and fitness but it is much more than that. It is about how people feel in their working environment and if they feel comfortable and content. This helps to create a positive environment.

Interactive group sessions encouraged different businesses to share their perspectives on wellbeing and culture. During discussions wellbeing was seen to be focusing on the happiness of employees. One idea suggested was a full coaching programme to help maximise on the positive outcomes of wellbeing. It is important for wellbeing to be a focus throughout the business operations to maximise on the positive environment. A wellbeing programme should involve the suggestions of employees and be reviewed to maximise success within your business. Small benefits were suggested as having a positive impact on employee happiness such as people values and time off for birthday celebrations.


Well Being, for who?

It was a common trend that different generations have different interests and tastes so it is important to be flexible to make sure all employees’ wellbeing needs are met. Key suggestions included a concierge service, women getting back into work, open holidays and much more. The key message was that one consistent approach may not work for all generations and it is difficult to achieve success without the leadership team being involved.


Well Being, how?

  • Having a sustainable well being agenda in place that can be adapted to maximise on employee success and maintaining the change and take them on the journey with you. 

  • Involving management and employees to implement an effective wellbeing plan.

  • Making your plan cost effective.

  • Ensure that your employees will be engaged.

  • Ensure you communicate your wellbeing initiatives regularly so that employees can actively become involved in these and enjoy a positive working environment.

  • Track your wellbeing initiatives; what benefits are they showing and how is this having a positive impact on employees.

  • Have a flexible wellbeing plan to meet all employees needs.


Well Being, what next?

A key takeaway from the event is the importance of having a clear wellbeing strategy and how this is important towards keeping consistency. Additionally regularly considering employees preferences and tastes to maximise on the positivity of the wellbeing initiatives.

Having a positive and energising wellbeing and culture approach we lead towards a positive business environment and happy and enthusiastic employees. A key message we wanted to share with you from the event.