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Linkedin has a new desktop design! What are the changes to linkedin?

Posted about 5 years ago by


Here at Macildowie, we know a thing or two about Linkedin.  Indeed, through our candidate and client focused Linkedin Workshops we have won a number of prestigious industry awards.  It won’t surprise you to know therefore, that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to the changes to Linkedin that are coming to the desktop environment.

Many of you will have used the smartphone app and seen it’s simplicity of design (and the inevitable reduction in functionality).  This same design is now being rolled out to desktop users as well.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will be doing in the coming weeks.

So what does this mean?

Firstly It means that we will be overhauling our client and candidate Linkedin workshops.  Mainly to make you all aware of the changes and how it will effect you and how to continue to maximise your visibility / searchability on the linkedin platform. 

On the candidate front, key word optimisation is going to be more important than ever and the good news is that this is one of the key things we cover in the personal branding workshop anyway.

On the client front, one of the strongest elements of LinkedIn as a resourcing tool is being removed.  The advanced search functionality. This means that if LinkedIn is a critical tool in your resourcing / recruitment strategy, you may be forced to sign up for one of the premium accounts to continue to utilise LinkedIn as a “go to” platform for recruiting and resourcing candidates.

There will be ways to navigate around this through X-ray searching and Custom Search Engines, but I am still working through the changes to understand exactly what effect the changes have had on this. 

Either way, it’s fair to say, the ability to stay within linkedin, on a free “user” account, and build complex search strings has gone.  Probably forever.

The new design looks great but behind the new pared down exterior you are going to find many previously useful features have been quietly retired by LinkedIn.

What are the changes to Linkedin?

Features removed (please bare in mind that these may change as bugs are ironed out in the coming weeks):

  • Advanced search (probably a horror to the recruitment people amongst you.)
  • Saved searches (not ideal, if you were tracking people movement to identify where opportunity may exist)
  • 3rd Degree Connections (nothing at all) – a need for a large network is now exceptionally important.
  • Company edit display name– we have historically told you how to use this to get extra industry keywords into your profiles
  • Media in profiles – Slideshares are no longer visible, albeit, you can still view published posts.
  • Only most recent post shows in profile
  • Re-ordering of  profile sections – the format of the profile is now pretty static and standard.
  • Ability to move recommendations further up your profile (they now only exist at the bottom of your profile and don’t relate to a specific role)
  • No edit for recommendations
  • Top/recent updates selection

The changes to Linkedin are being rolled out in waves and it could be that you see them in the next couple of days or it could be towards the end of the year.  Suffice to say, whenever you do see them, pick up the phone, talk to us and let us help you to navigate the new design and functionality changes.

We would be more than happy to come and sit with your internal recruitment teams to show them how to continue to leverage the platform (albeit, in a modified way) to minimise agency spend and maximise direct hiring.

Alternatively, if you are using it as a tool for your job search, come to one of the re-designed workshops that we will be rolling out to ensure that you remain up to date.

Want to know if our linkedin expertise really does make a difference? One of our October attendees emailed this morning to give us some feedback on how the session has been helping his job search…

 “I just wanted to say thanks for last week's evening course on optimising Linkedin. Since making a number of changes that were recommended my profile views have increased dramatically (from about 7-8 per week, now averaging 25-29 per week). So something really worked.”

Or to put it another way…… a 350% increase in profile views.

To find out more, reach out to us on 0115 947 0200 or gregs@macildowie.com 

We look forward to speaking to you soon.