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The War for Talent is over – the candidates have won!

Posted over 5 years ago by


Today we hosted a meeting of great minds with the members of the Meridian Business Breakfast Club, the chosen topic of “The War for Talent” bought out the passion in many of the delegates due to their recent frustrations around various different recruitment projects that they have undertaken.

Some of the main pain points discussed in the pre-presentation Q&A were:

  • Some candidates are accepting a job, getting counter offered and then deciding to stay at their current firm.

  • How do we build talent pipelines.

  • There simply aren’t any relevant candidates.

  • Finding candidates with the right behaviours/attitude is increasingly difficult.

  • Nobody seems to take the application process seriously any more - candidates are spraying and praying their CV's hoping to get an interview without explaining why they want the job.

My presentation was delivered by asking the question of whether or not the candidate holds the upper hand at the moment – has talent won the war?

My answer…

it depends!

We know that many sectors are currently operating with a skills gap that is preventing their respective industry segments from realising growth potential.  Highly skilled construction professionals and mechanical engineers being a case in point. 

In the areas in which we operate here at Macildowie, newly qualified Accountants and Social Media Managers are in high demand and short supply too.  This means that the candidate owns the power, and will inevitably sit on more than one job offer.

So that’s the problem defined..

I like finding answers or solutions to the problems.

In simple terms the diagram below illustrates my personal view of the job market – feel free to call me on 07887754805 for an explanation :)

So, if you’re recruiting for a vacancy with a salary up to £50k my belief is that you will be fishing in a small talent pool. 

Here are my top ten tips to help you to overcome the problem:

  1. Make your business more appealing – for more detail on this please read my blog from earlier in the year that was published on GlassDoor – click here

  2. Make sure that you have a slick, speedy interview process. Time kills the recruitment process if someone else who wants the same candidate is moving quicker than you.

  3. Be decisive, do not procrastinate.

  4. Use science to undertstand the behavioural preferences of the candidate/s you interview.

  5. Hire based on attitude and behaviours, train hard skills.

  6. Make sure that your hiring Line Managers have considered their own personal brand, and what their social media accounts (Linkedin in particular) reveal about their passion for your business.

  7. Work on your Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition and monitor what your current staff say about you on glassdoor – the trip advisor of the world of work.

  8. Get pro-active.  Recruit by building talent pipelines.

  9. Gen Y and Gen Z do everything on a mobile phone.  Make your application process “mobile-friendly”.

  10. Find out about the Apprenticeship Levy by coming to our seminar in 2017 – we’ll release the date shortly.

Finally, we have recently developed a new service offering entitled Macildowie One to help you to overcome a number of these problems.  For more information please contact me at your convenience, you can access all of my details here.