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GLOBAL RECRUITER AWARDS - the 9 reasons we've been shortlisted for the Best Client Service Award

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On Thursday 29th June we’ll once again be travelling down to Café de Paris in London to represent Macildowie in the “Global” Recruiter Awards. 

Being shortlisted for "Best Client Service" at the Global Recruiter Awards is recognition of the hard work and investment that we put into continuously improving what we do and how we do it, specifically for clients.  We recognise that our customers expect more than ever before from their recruitment partners and demand excellent service quality as a matter of course.  We believe that our Customer Value Proposition is best in class, yet it may also be one of the best kept secrets in recruitment as we don’t shout from the roof-tops about it.

Win or lose at the awards event on the 29th, we’re proud of what we’re doing and what our customers are saying about us.  Here’s a quick taster for those of you who are yet to experience our full service offering, in our quest to be more than just another recruitment company:

1)  Mindmill Psychometric Analysis – We are the only consultancy to offer these tests, which give clients the confidence to recruit without an interview. Fully approved by the British Psychological Society, they highlight a candidate’s softer skills, which may not be picked up during an interview such as problem solving, trainability and numeracy.  They also allow you to hire, in a candidate short market, candidates who may not have all of the hard skills that you require, but have the mental agility to learn quickly on the job.  Click here to find out more.

2)  Employer Brand - One of the hottest topics in the world of talent attraction and recruitment in 2017.  We can 'showcase' your vacancy to help promote your employer brand - click here to see how.  We will work with you to help raise the profile of your employer brand as well as help you to provide an unrivalled Candidate Experience.  We believe that we can have an impact on this in a number of ways:

  • We have recently started to “showcase” the employer brand of customers who use our services on a retained basis – click here to view how this looks and works in practice.
  • We have a dedicated PR partner and have secured numerous articles in industry press exposure (for our clients)
  • Through this understanding we would like to create and build candidate information packs about your business so that each and every candidate we meet (if we feel they would be a fit for your business) are given the full overview of your company, its culture and vision and values.  No candidate should ever turn up unprepared for your meeting.

3)  The Academy – The Academy has been designed to bring together Managers and Leaders from companies across the region in order to: Brainstorm, debate and work on topical agendas to help with ideas to solve current problems.

  • Build credible networks of blue chip HR, Resourcing and Development leaders.

  • Share mutual experiences and professional resources.
  • Engage with subject matter experts.


Click here to view pictures from our most recent event.

4)  'Talent Pipelining' - we often start recruitment campaigns six months before your actual requirement, building a talent pipeline of candidates who are a "soft skills" match for your business.  Interviewing these candidates even if you don’t have a requirement means that you will have an advantage over your local competitors and will already have embedded your brand in the mind of the candidate.  When you are then recruiting you have a talent pool of candidates who, if keen on your specific opportunity, you can go straight to without having to undergo an entire recruitment process.

To start the ball rolling on a future vacancy you can utilise our "Star Candidate" website functionalilty by clicking here.

5)  The Macildowie Challenge - All organisation’s experience difficult to fill, niche vacancies.  Let us know yours and we can ensure that our research team is consistently mapping out the market place for candidates in this space.

6)  Linkedin Workshops - Most of our customers know WHAT they should be doing on/with Linkedin, but most don’t know HOW to do it.  We carry out in-house workshops to: We have Exclusively registered candidates, candidates that other agencies don’t have - sourced through our continued investment in our in-house research team and the "Dream Job" functionality on our website.  This means that you get the best candidates “IN” rather than “ON” the market.We’re also able to mailshot your vacancy to a database of passive candidates who aren’t reading job boards.

  • Show you how to improve your own direct hire percentages using Linkedin.
  • Help you to  promote your business/employer branding on the platform – in order to attract the best candidates.
  • Increase the chances of candidates approaching you – to help you to build talent pipelines.

7) Exclusive Candidates - we have candidates that other agencies don't,  How?  Firstly, we're in our 25th year now as a recruitment business.  That means we've met thousands and thousands of people, our network is vast.  Secondly, we continue to invest in a candidate research team.  People who are dedicated to speaking to candidates who are "in", rather than "on" the market.  Thirdly, we have invested in the "Dream Job" functionality for our website - therefore attracting candidates who are keen to hear about something special, as opposed to registering to search for a new job.

In the past few months we have also launched two new and very exciting additions to our Customer Value Proposition:

8) Mindmill Workshops - we now run Mindmill workshops, in house, at your place of work.  Listening to the positive feedback and probing a little deeper into how you have used Mindmill so far led us to think differently about how we can help and add value to your business. The workshop will be of benefit to:

  • Any Line Manager who has just started a new job (even if it's an internal move) who wants to get to know their new team (and vice versa) and what makes everyone tick, what motivates them.
  • Any Line manager who wants to build a high performing team by understanding preferred styles of communication.
  • Any Line Manager who wants to create a blue print for behavioural success.
  • Any Line Manager who thinks "how will a new hire affect my current team".
  • Any Line Manager who is currently struggling to recruit due to a lack of talent in the market place.

What does the workshop include?

  • One week before the date of the workshop, we come to see you at your office and ask you and your team to complete the assessment.

  • We then evaluate the reports and will consult with you face to face if anything needs discussing or flags need to be raised.  N.B Mindmill contains clinical data.

  • On the day – the workshop will last for 2 hours with the content being summarised as:

    • Dispel the myths of Psychometrics – an open discussion about the good the bad and the ugly from your previous experiences.

    • Introduction to Mindmill – look at real life examples of your "Macildowie Facilitators" reports.

    • "Guess Who" exercise – with anonymous mindmill reports, you get to guess who is who in your team.

    • This is Me – we discuss each profile in detail.

    • So what – sharing learns from the session, the “what next” bit for you and your team to own.

Last, but my no means least our Customer Value Proposition has been enhanced by...

9)  Macildowie One... our new programme, which streamlines recruitment for clients into just one day. Recognising that the recruitment process can be lengthy and costly, we take the majority of work off their hands, including reading CVs, conducting first-stage interviews and creating a shortlist. All the client needs to do is set aside a day to meet the candidates and make a final decision.  Click here to find out more.   

We recently ran this session for the Group FD of a FTSE 250 Plc to recruit a Group Financial Controller – here is what he said:

"I suspect that many of you reading this had no idea about how much more we do here at Macildowie to help you to hire the very best candidates in the market.

We’d love to come and discuss both your current staffing requirements with you as well as helping you with a more holisitic “people strategy” to enable you to overcome the new “war for talent” that many businesses are currently experiencing.

To make it easy for you to set up a meeting, please click here and fill in the very brief on-line form. 

A Senior Member of the Macildowie Team will be in touch with you soon."