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Is it time to ask yourself ‘Why’?

Posted about 4 years ago by Tamsin Eastaugh


Setting off for my training run of 13miles a couple of Sundays ago with a  knee injury and the extremes of the lovely British weather against me which included icy headwinds (whilst running up hill!)  rain and snow! made me ask myself one simple question, ‘why’ on earth am I doing this?!?!


I could quite easily have stayed at home in the warm, or stopped part way through gone home and put a movie on, or driven out for a cosy pub lunch – those would’ve been the easy options! but instead:

I made the decision to put on the trainers

I made the decision to strap up the bad knee

I made the decision to put on the thermal leggings plus 2 tops & head scarf (& no, it definitely wasn’t the best ‘look’  but its certainly no fashion show when you’re running that distance in that weather!)

I completed that run!


It got me thinking about ‘why’ we do the things we do, why we make the decisions we make, why we chose certain paths to take…… (& running 13 miles gives you plenty of thinking time!)



For me, & I can only talk about my experience, but  my ‘why’ , ‘why’I decided to do that run, at that time on that day was because 3mnths ago I made myself a commitment to run my longest run ever. This goal which is now in less than 5wks – I will run my 1st 20mile race (3 quarters of a marathon in case you were wondering!) so I have my training plan in place which requires me to complete & increase distance each week along with other fitness classes to ensure I’m keeping everything moving! This was my choice. No one is forcing me to do this but  me.  If I don’t’ do it, does it really matter? Well yes it does to me, it would make me feel extremely disappointed that I had made a pledge to myself that I would do this & then didn’t complete it. I’ve also roped in 4 friends (well, they’re friends at the moment but not sure they will still be friends once they’ve attempted to complete 20 miles!) If I look back further, why on earth did I take up running in the 1st place?!



This then got me thinking a bit deeper as to why we choose to make other decisions to do the things we do and to do the jobs we do. What gets you up in the morning and why?


Anyone who’s watched the ‘why’ blog or read any books by Simon Sinek will already be aware of these questions I’m sure….




This could all seem a bit profound but by actually taking a step back to understand what your ‘why’ is, by asking yourself this question, it  could also give you a greater understanding as to what we do and how we do it, & more importantly, how it makes you feel.


Going back to that very cold and wet run I did a couple of Sundays ago, for me the ‘why’ is doing more than this 20miler, its setting a goal which takes me outside in the fresh air, pushes me, challenges me, physically and mentally whilst doing something I love, keeping  my body and mind fit and healthy whilst raising money for a charity that I’m very passionate about which has personal meaning and in turn other people will benefit –  & when I have those moment of doubt, which I can assure you I do! I remind myself that I can make a difference through my own experience of a particularly tricky time, through my determination, my drive and my desire - that is actually my ‘why’



So ask yourself, ‘why’ do you get up in the morning? Why do you do the job you do? Why do you work where you work? If you’re not currently working, why?


Ask yourself, what is your ‘why’& if you’re struggling to answer or you don’t like the answer, it could be time for a change…..


Contact me, Tamsin, to find out more: 0116 2222 590