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It’s all about the Candidate

Posted over 4 years ago by Richard Haaker


I’ve been working in recruitment for 732 years, in that time I have never (and I mean NEVER) experienced such a candidate short market.  

In what is probably my shortest blog ever, here is an insight based on observations of the current employment market for corporate job types that might help explain it, and a simple solution.

Observation Number 1: Unemployment is at its lowest sine records began in 1971.  This will have an impact on the availability of talent.  It’s not 2008.  There aren’t a dearth of jobs and a flood of candidates.  It’s the polar opposite.  

Observation Number 2: The talent is absolutely still out there.  However, because of observation number 1, that talent is far more discerning about their next job move.  They will need a compelling “reason to join” to overcome any inertia.  

Observation Number 3:  Don’t wait for “comparison candidates”.  You stand to lose the candidates you do have by the time a comparator candidate is found.  They are then left waiting for more comparator candidates – a vicious circle that is detrimental to hiring manager productivity.  A lack of pace and momentum can kill a recruitment process.

Observation Number 4:  Think reason “to” hire NOT reason “not to” hire.  Because talent pools of “experienced” candidates are short, you need to start thinking about recruiting the right behaviours… can you and your fellow managers/leaders all articulate the 3 characteristics that ensure people are successful in your team/business? 

Conclusion:  If you want to get more candidates interested in your roles, you will need to bait the hook appropriately.  You need to be able to answer, with confidence, the following questions:

  • Why should someone leave their current role to join you?  
  • What is your value proposition?  
  • How do these stack up against your competitors?   
  • If you are using an agency, are they able to articulate this effectively on your behalf?  

Your answers to all of these need to be compelling to attract the talent.  And by the way – we are all in the same boat with this candidate market!  

As an aside, my fellow team mates are currently in the process of building the content to educate our customers and target clients on how to build a compelling employer brand.  Please get in touch with me if you’d like to find out more. 

I told you this was a short blog…

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