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Fancy a stress free holiday? Rip the plaster off!

Posted over 4 years ago by Richard Haaker


I've written a few blogs lately where I’ve mentioned the candidate short market.

Breaking news: it’s not getting any better, and is unlikely to anytime soon...

The good news is that good people are always out there, it may just take longer to coax them into wanting to work for you and your business.  (Aside: make sure you have a compelling value proposition to help with this!)

So back to the point of the blog: key to taking pain out of the recruitment process this holiday season will be to get the hiring process started before you skid out the carpark.  So, whichever route to the candidate market you use (e.g. your own HR or recruitment team or an agency partner), give them a good understanding of your requirements before you pack your toothbrush.  That way they can commence the hunt whilst you are in the air.

Can you imagine coming back to a shortlist of suitable candidates in your inbox?  Even better, can you imagine those candidates locked in to an interview schedule for you with a pre-interview pack ready for you with their CV, suitability summary and psychometric profile!  Ahhhh, how much nicer that pina colada would taste.... 

In short – the route to efficient recruitment over the holiday season is simply to get your search partners working for you whilst you are away.  We all know there are a million and one things to do before you go on holiday.  Not all of them can be done. Not all can be controlled.  This can.  You owe it to yourself to relax as quickly as possible when you leave the office for your break.  Rip the plaster off and pick up the phone…..

Shameless plug alert:  If you’d like to see how Macildowie might be able to help de-stress your holiday, just give us a call.

If you would like to talk to Richard about your business, your plans to hire or market conditions please call him directly on 07747 488 850 or click on the link below.