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The start of my Macs career!

Posted over 1 year ago by Kate Oliver


In April this year my boyfriend and I decided to relocate to Leicester from London. I know- crazy! We wanted to use the money we had managed to save to buy a house we could actually afford. For me this meant new city, new house, new car and NEW JOB!!!

Coming from doing office support staff recruitment in an office of 60 women in London I expected the transition to Leicester to be a slower pace- how wrong I was! I wanted to share my experience with you as the new company I have joined are looking to recruit another 6 people… and you should come and talk to us if my experience interests you…. so …. let’s start at the beginning. 

I didn’t wake up one day and think “I know what I want to do with my life…recruitment!!” Recruitment actually found me - after registering with an agency they gave me the opportunity to join their team! This literally changed my life and I found a role that really fitted my personality. I mean who doesn’t want to talk all day and meet new people!? However after over a year at that company, I started looking for my next role in Leicester. After speaking to a Rec to Rec, knowing I was still in a role he managed to organise back to back interviews in and around Leicester all on the same day. 

The first was Macildowie.

On walking into the office (and I know this sounds cliché) I knew Macs was where I wanted to work. I had already had a phone interview with Zoe (our Manager for Business Operations South) for over an hour a couple of days before. That not only gave me a really good idea as to what to expect but if everyone at the company was like her, I  knew I would fit in! Not only that, but the offices were really impressive, they’re fun (pink and turquoise which after my first meeting with the MD I realised were actually raspberry and teal), buzzing with energy and from the first 5 minutes after my arrival I was placed in the board room with a drink and had a couple of minutes to read through their company values, all points that they (we) definitely uphold. 

After a two stage interview where I met three Associate Directors and the Director of Sales Operations to whom I gave a presentation - I was in! I can’t express enough how friendly, welcoming and fun the whole process was. Little did I know it’s always like that! 

Over my first eight weeks I have received training inline with the results of my psychometric and trainability test to ensure I was on boarded in the most efficient way for me. I am definitely a trial and error kind-of-gal so they dropped me in the deep end with a role to recruit for on my first day and supported and assisted me the whole way.  I have been on staff nights out and away days to get to know the other teams who are equally as welcoming as my own. I have been on client visits, interviewed candidates and given the opportunity to manage my own portfolio and work alongside a friendly, inspirational and slightly bonkers group of people. 

Myself and some of the HR team at a team building day!

The comparison to companies I have worked for in the past is incredible- there is no comparison! Here there is no internal competition/politics, negativity or pressure, the managers here build you up and your team help keep you up. 

I am so excited to see how far this company can take me and after hitting bonuses after 3 months I honestly feel like the sky is the limit- or as the incentives will allow me – New York and Vegas are only the beginning. 

One of Macildowie's infamous Vegas' trips