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Diving into The Unknown

Posted over 3 years ago by Tamsin Eastaugh


Interim/temp/contractor – whatever you choose to call it, thousands work in this flexible way - some through choice, others through circumstance, but whatever the reason,  businesses continue to need them and they can be key in helping companies continue to run successfully!

Confidence continues to remain around the current job market despite ongoing ‘debates’ about the future of the economy including possible effects of Brexit & possible changes to some of how being an interim/contractor is affected by IR35 which in turn means more & more people continue to start up their limited companies as an interim/contractor.

Some people are fearful, some are fearless. Some have been planning for months, even years! Some plunge straight into it.


From my experience of people who work as an interim/contractor or who are thinking of ‘dipping their toe in the water’,  it can be a fairly lonely place at times with conflicting opinions on whether being an interim/contractor is the right thing to do. Some opinions are good, some aren’t so good, some are based on fact, some on fiction – it can be a bit of minefield!



Whilst we are able to give advice to our customers, nothing is more powerful than hearing from someone who has ‘taken the plunge already’ and has first hand experience. We find networking with people in a similar situation is also really helpful, which is why we decided to run our very first Interim Academy last month. We had one of our senior interim candidates come in to share his own experiences - here are some of the key takeaways to help give you the confidence that you’re making the right choice:-

  • Sense check your market & do your own research
  • Be honest & ask yourself why you’re doing interim or thinking of doing interim. You’ll be asked this by clients you meet so they can understand your motivations. Have a sensible & clear answer.
  • Be prepared to compromise in some assignments, especially if its your 1st  as you may need to in order to start your career! After all, this is a ‘flexible’ arrangement not just for you, but also for the client. Areas you may need to flexible on could include:-
    • Location
    • Pay 
    • Job role 
    • Sector
    • Duration
    • Start date
  • Know your worth: before you demand a specific pay rate, or start looking at applying for roles. Look at what you can offer. You may need to go & gain more transferable skills to enhance your appeal to a business prior to embarking on your interim career.

So if you’re an interim/contractor/senior temp looking for your next move, or you’re someone who is currently fact finding & ‘sitting on the poolside’ get in touch. We can give you some valuable insight about options & about our next free Interim Academy; may be its the right time for you to think about ‘taking the plunge’!