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Posted about 2 years ago by Darius Matusiak


Today I woke up full of anticipation, excitement and a few nerves as something I have been working on behind the scenes here at Macs was about to “go-live”.

Over the last year I’ve been producing and curating content for a series of workshops designed to bring together like minded HR leaders who are charged with leading the people agenda within the SME space.

Composing something like this was important to me, given the talent short market we’re all experiencing.   Many of our SME customers are experiencing the pain of losing their best people to some of the bigger brands who are perceived to be able to offer:

  • Increased salaries and benefits 
  • Inspiring environments 
  • A steeper progression curve 
  • Improved flexibility

My personal goal is to help SME’s with tips from Macildowie’s 25 years of experience, by creating a solution centric environment where collective intelligence can be shared to bring fresh ideas to the table.


The first session, with 10 attendees, went better than I could have dreamed of.

The main themes we covered today were;

  • The #1 challenge for internal and external recruiters is the supply of good talent. 
  • Most business are experiencing transformational change and expect this to continue moving forwards.
  • Technology development is driving this because it is influencing the way the customer now buys. This has a knock-on effect of how businesses need to be structured to meet these raised expectations – “a better, faster level of service.”
  • Internal and External recruiters are in agreement that (as an over-arching rule of thumb) companies aren’t paying enough to attract top talent as they tend to receive numerous offers.  Often the highest pay’ers are winning.  
  • This means that the Employee Value Proposition is becoming more and more important. Here at Macs we have recently built our “Work for Macs” website, it showcases our EVP.  Click here to view.
  • Great hires lift general team morale, productivity and sense of community in the room. Bad hires act as energy hooves and dilute these positive effects.
  • Great on boarding is critical. A structured program is more than 50% more likely to see the person remain with the business in 3 years time. This is the point at which the HR Leaders in the room believed their employees are at their most productive, efficient and profitable.
  • The onboarding process starts with the first recruitment interaction and gains momentum right after the offer is delivered. Great onboarding fundamentally starts before the candidate does! 
  • The more complete the onboarding programme, the faster the new hire gains proficiency
  • We stole this from Simon Sinek… but it’s critical to find the potential hire’s ‘Why?’ at interview and connect this to the company vision during their induction to create more purpose and meaning in their work.  

Some heavy stuff in here for sure, I can’t believe how much great discussion we covered in 90 minutes.  The great news for me and us here at Macs is that there was an appetite to continue, so we will be meeting again in a January to continue with our action orientated approach to solving some of these challenges together and hopefully helping some of these businesses to win in what is most certainly a “war for great talent”.  

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who attended this morning! If you would like to join us in January please fill in the form below:

Form ID:3682