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My first year at Macildowie…

Posted 9 months ago by Amy Frost


Well, more accurately, my first 10 months at Macildowie.

I’m going to start by summing it up into 3 words.

Intense. Hilarious. Rewarding.

Now hear me out because I get that at least 2 of these 3 words aren’t usually used to describe a business. So I’ll start at the beginning...


Oh my goodness, I have never felt stress like it. Not stress from management or any form of pressure being put on me by the powers above (they are surprisingly empathetic actually at Macs!). But when you have 1 out of 2 candidates at final stage interview and this is the fee that is going to let you book that 5* holiday to Mexico, you’re just a little bit tense. Back when I worked in Gym Membership sales, I always said this is either the best job in the world or the worst, there is no in between. I guess for some that may be relevant in recruitment, but the difference at Macildowie is that you never really get that ‘low’. If you are presenting the right behaviours and levels and quality of activity, you are still praised and your success is shouted about around the business… I think this may be the only agency out there that doesn’t just monitor success through fees.



I don’t think I go 2 days without getting worried I may burst a blood vessel from laughing so hard. Ever seen a MD of an incredibly successful business stand in front of his workforce for Monday morning comms and pretty much perform and entire stand up comedy routine? Well spend a week here and you will. Everyone is just so normal! There is no hierarchy or cliques and people are encouraged to go and sit with other divisions and learn from other consultants. So far, I’ve been part of the office Grand National, egg and spoon races, sack races and Macildowie Mario Kart, just to name a few! 





Look, people don’t go into agency recruitment if they aren’t interested in getting rewarded for the hard work they put in. I think this was a major concern for me as I’d been part of a business with unrealistic targets already. I’m going to be perfectly transparent and tell you why I think Macildowie go above and beyond in this area. Considering I’ve only been here since February, I’ve received bonus payments every quarter; I’ve experienced an all expenses paid trip to London with 3 of my colleagues and the Directors to collect the ‘Best Recruitment Agency’ award at the National Online Recruitment Awards; I’ve been invited to the ‘Top Table’ to go and have a lavish lunch with the Directors for winning the employee of the month; I’ve got a great chance of getting flown to Las Vegas next year for just under a week with 9 other Macildowie employees (if all goes to plan!); I have a quarterly target that if met they’ll pay for me to go to New York (or money to put towards a different holiday destination)…need I go on? But it’s not only the swanky trips and big bonuses, everyone who works at Macildowie, genuinely wants each other to succeed. It blew me away that every time anyone in the office made a placement, the entire team clapped them! When I sent my first placement email out, I must’ve had at least 60 emails back singing my praises and congratulating me. This is why I am an advocate of Macildowie, and this is why I love working here.


So that’s my incredibly honest overview of my Macildowie experience so far. It’s tough at times, but ultimately more than worth it. It’s so nice when you go on family meals or see old friends and they ask the questions “how’s work?”, that I can actually honestly say “You know what Nana, I bloomin’ love it!”. Roll on year 2!