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Posted 5 months ago by Graeme White


Having been a professional cricketer for over 10 years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to play the sport I’ve loved since I was little kid. You never really want to think about this dream coming to an end, but now as I’m in my “latter years” I needed to step away from the glorious sunny winters in Australia and focus on the next stage of my career. If you told me a couple years ago that during a cold and wet winter’s day I’d be sat in an office over looking the city of Nottingham whilst speaking to people on the phone about recruitment, I’d have laughed! So how have I found myself in this situation I hear you asking?! Well it all began 12 months ago with a team mate of mine at Northants CC called Nathan Buck…

Nathan at our Leicester Office

During one of our many car pooling stints to training that winter - none of which I remember Nathan driving may I add. He bought up that he was starting work experience at Macildowie. I remember this moment clearly as another member of our team was in the car at the time, and commented ‘what have Macildowie done to deserve this punishment!’ I’m only joking Nathan, you’re lovely… in small doses.


Every week we got an update from Nathan about how his Work Experience was getting on. In true Nathan style he told us the ins-and-outs of recruitment as if he’d been there for years, and mentioned I should give it a go. Feeling inspired, over the next few months, with the help of Charlie Mulraine at the PCA, I got in contact with Darius Matusiak an Associate Director at Macildowie. One sunny day in the summer we met up for a coffee where he explained Macildowie and the world of recruitment to me. I didn’t take much convincing before I decided to give it a go. At the time I lived in Nottingham so he put me in touch with Adam Dickson another Associate Director based in the Nottingham headquarters, and six months later, here I am writing this blog!


Our Nottingham HQ


For me the biggest challenge coming into Recruitment was whether I could get my head around an office job. As cricketers’ we have a great lives! We’re outside when the suns shinning (most of the time), drinking tea and eating scones! I mean who wouldn’t love that?! Ok maybe that side of things has changed and obviously it does have its bad days with loss of form, contracts and injury are all the main culprits but how would the real world compare?! 


What would I be like when speaking on the phone with a candidate or client? Can I conduct myself well in meetings with all these people?! All things I’d never experienced, you can imagine what was going through my head leading up to my first day, but there was also an excitement of trying something new.

Myself and Adam


So my first day… there I was suited and booted as if I was going back to school. Wow I was nervous! I had that apprehensive butterfly feeling you used to get when it was that first day back from the summer holidays. What was going on? I’ve not felt this for a while. I mean you’d think after playing cricket in front of thousands of people at Trent Bridge or the couple of occasions I’ve been at a T20 finals day I’d be as cool as a cucumber, but that was definitely not the case. 


Thankfully everyone in the office was dead nice, and they made me feel right at home.  I’d also been into the office a few times before my first day so I had already met a few of the team, as well as my knight in shinning armour Adam Dickson who settled me right in. He took me for a coffee and we set out a plan for the coming 6 weeks. I was going to be in twice a week so he had me shadowing members of the finance team Greg Statham, Tom Hodgett, Jordan Bicknell, Martyn Kingsbury, Steve Haworth, Greg Mills, Ben Wallace and Michael Keywood. So each day when I worked with one of them not only did I get their best cricketing performances to date - or lack of in Greg Statham’s case… I also gained a great insight into the recruitment world and I will for ever be grateful for them for putting up with my (many) stupid questions.


Myself and the Finance Team

Despite being with them just six weeks, these guys have already taught me so much. Working with them on a daily basis has really given me an insight to how recruitment works, and also what a fantastic company Macildowie is. I’ve really enjoyed my time working with everyone here and who knows in the future I may find myself back in the office working beside them!     


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