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Why should you take a job in internal audit?

Posted 10 months ago by Mark Deaville


Every month I work on plenty of roles in Internal Audit roles and often I find them one of the most challenging types of job to fill, not due to a lack of candidates, but because of a lack of willingness from ACA’s to think about moving from external to internal audit. So I decided to take the time to dispel some of the myths around moving into an internal audit job.

A common misconception is that internal audit is the same as practise audit, except you only have one client. This might have been the case 15 years ago, but recently, businesses have had a serious change in attitudes, and Internal Audit roles often act as a springboard into a career in any role within finance.  I've had feedback from many talented candidates I have placed from practise into Internal Audit including:

  1. Internal Audit is essentially a role with some of the widest ranging stakeholder exposure across an entire finance team – working with director level colleagues from day one.
  2. The purpose of Internal Audit is far more wide ranging than checking through the accounts and is increasingly seen as function responsible for delivering efficiencies and process changes, adding value to the wider finance team with increased transparency around numbers.
  3. Using the breadth of exposure to facilitate better communication between various finance units and operational business areas – get stakeholders talking and deliver real change.
  4. Giving you a great grounding in all areas of finance – making it a springboard to move into a finance role of your choice with your ready made internal network.
  5. Greater business understanding makes you a much more effective partner for the rest of your career – understanding how each team impacts on business performance and process is a very powerful skillset in a large business. Ultimately, you’ll progress quicker than someone who goes straight into a finance role with no prior experience and takes 12 months just to get up to speed!


If you’re a recently qualified ACA reading this blog, have I convinced you to take on a role in internal audit?

If you would like to know about opportunities in internal audit – get in touch! I’m recruiting for some of the regions best PLC’s and I am keen to have a highly confidential chat with any Accountants in practise who are beginning to think about a move into industry.  

If you’re not yet considering a move, but have a DREAM JOB that you’d like to be made aware of before we speak to other candidates, don't hesitate to get in touch with me and i'll see if I can make this dream a reality. 

Even if you’re not yet ACA or ACCA qualified yet but want to know more about these jobs in the market then please contact me either on the phone or via one of my social channels by clicking on the link below: