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Inclusive talent management

Posted about 1 year ago by Macildowie Events


Do you find it challenging to attract, motivate and retain the right talents? If the answer is yes, you might simply be looking for the wrong people. Talent management is meeting criticism at the moment, which is why it’s more important than ever that we are working towards inclusive talent management. 

Why is talent management facing criticism?

Within the talent management sector, there is a tendency to show a greater interest in those seen as  ‘superstar’ candidates. This performance-driven approach to talent management excludes many individuals who may be seen at a lower rank within a company. Ignoring this talent means businesses are losing out on the chance to develop people who could play an important role within the business. In addition to this, it can lead a business to look only externally for talent, when they could grow and develop the employees they already have rather than disregarding their hard work.

It’s important to work towards Inclusive Talent Management 

An Inclusive Talent Management approach is linked to opportunity via participation rather than meeting a pre-set that showcases the organisation's vision of talent. This creates a shift from performance-driven to learning-oriented Talent Management. It recognises talent as those within a business, seeing every employee as an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses, and with the potential to add great value.

This approach to Talent Management is said to benefit a business as it creates a motivating environment allowing an equal distribution of opportunities across all employees. 

How to put Inclusive Talent Management in place 

Grow your potential 

Start by growing your potential, you can do this by offering training and allowing your employees to grow in knowledge and confidence. This will help build careers, create advancement from the bottom to the top, build leadership skills and development, and build upon employee satisfaction, helping you to retain your employees. 

Have a mentor programme 

Many employees who are promoted within the business will face new challenges, but having a mentor available will allow them to seek advice and guidance. Helping them grow and develop within their new roles. 

Offer transparent career paths 

Within Inclusive Talent Management, it’s important to make career paths transparent and visible. Showcase where your employees' careers could take them and how they can achieve this. This will keep everyone motivated and inspired to grow within the business. 

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