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Why Sales and Marketing Should Be Friends

Posted 6 months ago by Macildowie Events


Is there tension between your business’s sales and marketing team? This shouldn’t be the case. It’s important that your sales and marketing teams work together. If your teams aren’t then be sure to sign up for our FREE online event ‘Why Sales and Marketing Should Be Friends’ here. This blog will outline why these teams can help each other and benefit from doing so.

Working in harmony 

You may believe that the marketing team is unable to help those in a sales role. However, the marketing team is here to help the sales team sell! Many may feel that most conversations they have with the marketing team are them asking for favours, but at the end of the day, their aim is to help make your job easier. 

Understanding the customer is something that the marketing team knows is vital. This is where the sales team has an advantage, they have a relationship with the customer. If the sales team lets the marketing team know about customers' stories, they are able to create a genuine, trustworthy message which will not only grow the business but also maximise sales. 

If the sales language and marketing language are working in harmony, then the business values will be shared with the customers from start to finish. Creating a trustworthy and genuine brand, bringing in more sales. 

Building the connection 

The sales team has a direct relationship with the businesses customers, something the marketing team can only dream of. The marketing team needs to take a step out of the office and engage with customers, this will help them create connections and campaigns which will connect with the buyer. This is where the sales team can help, not only can they pass on any information of customer stories, but they can also help the marketing team create campaigns that will resonate with the customers, the customers they know so well. 

Without this important link between brand and customer, the marketing team could miss out on creating a strong genuine message which will grow both the business and sales.

Let’s be friends 

Some of the best campaigns have been created when the marketing team and sales team work together. For results to grow within sales, these two teams need to work together and remove the tension we have all seen in the past. 

If you would like to see your sales and marketing being friends and creating strong campaigns then join our FREE online event here.