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Macildowie and Agile Homes: Proud to Work Together

Posted 9 months ago by Macildowie


We’re proud to work with our client, Agile Homes, who describe themselves as an ‘affordable homes innovator’. They are working to provide quick and cost-effective solutions to fix the UK housing crisis. They plan to do this using TAM, a low-carbon, affordable housing answer to the problem that respects people and the planet. 

Their vision is to create a new housing model that is centered around people to drastically change the housing market which is shared by both stakeholders and their supply chain. Their mission is to enable everyone to have access to high-quality, low-cost, and low-carbon housing, to help build strong communities and a better quality of life for people, by providing them with places to work, learn and live.

What do they do and how do they do it?

They assemble and design prefabricated building systems using MMC. By using natural and renewable, carbon-capturing materials, they build airtight and thermal insulated buildings. They are able to minimise the cost of these properties by optimising all aspects from design through to development.

To carry out their mission, they put people and their housing needs at the center of what they do. They find the right development process to house them and enable innovative finance models to flow by development solutions that remove the cost of land and inventive land assembly models.

What is TAM? 

TAM is the affordable, and environmentally friendly rapid-response housing solution they have developed to tackle the housing crisis. They are housing units that can be moved into within months of placing an order, that can be bought, part-owned, leased, or rented either individually, or in multiples for larger families. 

It is a renewable building system using carbon-capturing materials like times and straw to reduce the environmental footprint. These changes reduce energy costs by up to 90% compared to traditional methods. To find out more about what TAM is and how it works, visit the Agile Homes website for the complete technical breakdown.

Work with Crisis and Ex-Offenders

Agile Homes have also welcomed Crisis, the UK national charity for homelessness, as its latest investor in the company. Craig White, Co-Founder of Agile Homes explains that they connected with Crisis in 2020, as they recognised the potential of the investment to accelerate the production and delivery of rapid-deployment homes to help the people who need them most, and it fits with Crisis’ mission to put an end to homelessness. Linda Farrow, Director of Agile Homes, added that the intelligent and low-carbon design of the homes and use of renewable materials, make living costs and bills affordable and fuel poverty a thing of the past. 

It’s clear that the partnership is strong, as both Agile’s and Crisis’ social values and missions are aligned with a collaborative approach. 

Agile’s values-led model also includes the partnership with the Ministry of Justice to conduct workshops in prisons to manufacture the construction panels for building. They are equipping prisoners with meaningful skills and trades, and they will receive a qualification in Modern Methods of Construction. This qualification, along with the minimum wage pay they receive, will help prevent reoffending and give ex-offenders some sense of value back in their lives they may have lost. 

Over 30% of prisoners have nowhere to live when they are released, and they make up a large proportion of the homeless population. In addition to teaching prisoners new skills, they also work with subcontractors to employ ex-offenders on their construction sites. Prison leavers are able to have a job, earn money and find appropriate housing, which all work to reduce homelessness. 

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