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The next best thing to a 2023 crystal ball

Posted 3 months ago by James Taylor


Whether you are looking to batten down the hatchets & concentrate on optimising what you already do OR hope to raise capital in order to make an acquisition or two next year, being able to predict what will happen economically is important.

Predicting such uncertainty is almost impossible.

However, thanks to Macildowie’s membership of the Elite Leaders Network we gain early commentary from Behavioural Economist, Keynote Speaker and Author of “Making Sense Of The Economy”, Roger Martin- Fagg.

He specialises in making economic activity, trends and indicators understandable to non-economists.

We wish we could offer you a crystal ball, but as we’re unable to, the next best thing is to give you the opportunity to read Roger’s December 2022 report by filling in your details on the form below:

Form ID:6482