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Our Customer Value Proposition


We've won and been shortlisted for a number of Recruitment Awards in relation to the service we offer to our clients...

We’re really proud of our Customer Value Proposition and believe that our service offering differentiates us in the recruitment market place.

Our belief is supported by the fact that In March 2016 we were shortlised for the National Recruiter Awards in the Client Services category.

Our Value Proposition consists of:


Most of our customers know WHAT they should be doing on/with Linkedin, but most don’t know HOW to do it.  We carry out in-house workshops to:

  • show you how to improve your own direct hire percentages using Linkedin
  • help you to  promote your business/employer branding – in order to attract the best candidates
  • increase the chances of candidates approaching you – to help you to build talent pipelines
  • to build relevant business development lists for use within B2B sales teams


No other recruitment consultancy is able to give you the confidence of ensuring that you’re recruiting the candidate with the right soft skills as well as the right hard skills using Mindmill Psychometrics. 

Most of our clients, when explaining why a new/recent hire hasn’t worked out, talk about personality or culture fit.  

Macildowie will submit a Mindmill Psychometric and natural ability report (fully approved by the British Psychological Society) alongside CV’s of each candidate on your shortlist to give you the best chance of hiring the best candidate for your business rather than the best candidate on paper. 

We would like to work with you to understand the cultural fit and soft skills that your business desires and build a plan of how we can find talent that meets this need.

You can download an example Mindmill report by clicking on the link below.


We have candidates that other agencies don’t through our continued investment in our in-house research team and the "Dream Job" functionality on our website.  You get the best candidates “IN” rather than “ON” the market.

We’re able to mailshot your vacancy to a database of passive candidates who aren’t reading job boards.


Many of our major customers feel that they spend too much time on recruitment.

By spending time with you to understand your business we’re able to help you to build a talent pipeline of candidates who are a "soft skills" match for your business.  Interviewing these candidates even if you don’t have a requirement means that you will have an advantage over your local competitors and will already have embedded your brand in the mind of the candidate.  When you are then recruiting you have a pool of candidates who, if keen on your specific opportunity, you can go straight to without having to undergo an entire recruitment process.

All organisations have difficult to fill, niche vacancies.  Let us know what these are and we can ensure that our research team is consistently mapping out the market place for candidates in this space.


We want to work with you to help raise the profile of your employer brand as well as help you to provide an unrivalled Candidate Experience.

We believe that we can have an impact on this in a number of ways:

  • We have a dedicated PR partner and have secured numerous articles in industry press including the HR Director and Supply Chain Europe. We would like to work with you in order to enable you to gain free industry press exposure. 
  • Our account team want to truly understand your business in order to represent you in the best way to every candidate.

Through this understanding we would like to create and build candidate information packs about your business so that each and every candidate we meet (if we feel they would be a fit for your business) are given the full overview of your company, its culture and vision and values.  


The Academy has been designed to bring together the regions blue chip businesses in order to:

  • Debate and work on topical agendas
  • Build credible networks of blue chip HR, Resourcing and Development leaders
  • Share mutual experiences and professional resources
  • Engage with subject matter experts 


We have entered the Times Top 100 SME companies to work for on four occasions, each time earning the highly coveted 3-star "Extraordinary" rating.  One of our top ranking scores from the Best Companies’ survey continues to be in the ‘fair deal’ category.  This scores how happy Macildowie employees are with their pay and benefits. 

Our consultants’ pay is correlated directly with their billings, their billings are correlated directly with how successful they are at finding the very best candidates for you, our clients. That means that your Macildowie Consultant will go the extra mile to fill your vacancies for you.

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