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Outplacement and Restructure Services

Macildowie’s Outplacement and Restructure Consultation services are designed to assist organisations in assessing their current employees against remits which have arisen as a result of changing headcount requirements. 

Restructure Consultation

Many companies seek to conduct as robust a consultation process as possible in order to:

  • ensure the best person gets the job, 
  • avoid any hiring manager bias
  • reduce the likelihood of any costly litigious entanglements.

Engaging with Macildowie as an expert third party is a way for companies to ensure that their "at risk" employees know their employer is taking the consultation process and their application very seriously. Macildowie will provide a neutral, unbiased, objective opinion and observations on any interview process, applicant performance and hiring manager interaction.

Our Restructure Consultation Service helps to reinforce:

  • The employer’s commitment to taking the best candidate forward for the job. 
  • This in turn decreases the risk of candidate dissatisfaction and helps show due process in the event of a grievance process.

For More Detail on Macildowie's Restructure Consultation Services, please click here.

Outplacement Services 

Our outplacement service is also tailored to your requirements.  Whether you need to:

  1. release a small or large number of employees, 
  2. give your employees with niche skills extra assistance in finding their next career move 
  3. give any exiting employees CV or interview advice, 

We can help by building tailoring our Outplacement Service Offering accordingly, ensuring that it

  • delivers against your requirements 
  • gives your employees confidence in their future career steps—whatever those look like.

For more information about Macildowie's Outplacement Services, please click here.

Our Restructure Consultation Services
Our Outplacement Services 

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