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Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

In the event your organisation needs to reduce headcount and has already identified the individuals to be made redundant, our outplacement services can then be tailored to your requirements.

You may feel the need for any number of these services:

  1. Training on how to write a modern day CV that helps to secure interviews
  2. How to write a quality Cover letter
  3. How to write a quality profile
  4. How to ensure that you communicate your career with an “Achievements-led” narrative
  5. Understanding the Importance of CV layout and SEO
  6. Training on psychometric assessments
  7. Introduction to assessments and their purpose
  8. Best practice during the assessment
  9. Completing an assessment using MindMill
  10. Analysis of their individual MindMill assessment
  11. Training on interview techniques
  12. Interview do’s and don’ts
  13. Interviewing for technical, competency and motivational drivers
  14. Non-verbal interview performance
  15. Assessing the interviewer
  16. Mock interview practice
  17. Review interview performance for takeaways
  18. Training employees on marketing themselves
  19. Embracing a digital job search and social media etiquette
  20. LinkedIn “personal brand” masterclass
  21. Networking strategies that work
  22. Getting yourself “zoom” ready


Your Macildowie partner will assess your organisation’s requirements and work with you to build an appropriate solution and pricing mechanism for your outplacement requirements based on the level of support you need your employees to receive.

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