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3. VMOST - Your Man On The Moon

What does VMOST actually stand for?

It stands for Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy & Tactics.

Why is it important?

Never before has it been this important for Business Leaders to be able to inspire their workforce.

COVID-19 has shone the brightest light on the WHY.

We have all been questioning why we do what we do.  Why we do it the way that we do it.  It’s all been about the WHY.

Made famous by Simon Sinek, starting with WHY is such an important first step in re-igniting your company and ensuring that your Leadership Team is New World ready.  

Our VMOST Leadership session will help you to deliver:

  • An aligned Vision Statement – your future “WHY?”
  • Well defined Mission Statement for the coming 12-36 months
  • SMART and prioritised Objectives
  • Agreed strategies to achieve the Objectives
  • Tactics – specific projects or actions to enable achievement of the strategies

The output of the VMOST will be a more engaged Leadership Team, who are better able to inspire their teams, which lead to higher levels of employee engagement and better staff retention, which improves the experience that your customers receive from every touch point with your business, which ultimately leads to a stronger brand and increased profits in the medium to long term.

One of the most famous examples of this came in 1962, when John F. Kennedy visited NASA Space Centre and notices a janitor carrying a broom.  JFK asked the man what he was doing as he swept the floor.  The Janitor answered,

“well Mr President, I’m helping to put man on the moon”.

We’d love to help your business to find its “putting man on the moon” as we believe that when your entire team hooks into something that is emotive, when they embrace this type of attitude and belief system, that incredible things can happen. 

To book a call to find out more about VMOST please fill out the form below:

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