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6. EVP and Employer Brand

Package and Promote Your EVP & Employer Brand.

EVP and Employer Brand are two commonly used HR and recruitment terms and they are a critical component of any company’s people strategy.

Whether you think you have, or whether you think you haven’t, you already have an EVP and an Employer Brand and we want to help you to take control of both of them so that they don’t take control of you.

What do EVP & Employer Brand stand for?

EVP, Employer Brand and Workplace Culture are often confused.  They are not the same and they are not interchangeable.  All three are critical to your People Strategy:

  • EVP stands for Employee Value Proposition.  It is the reason why your employees work for you and is made of both the hard and soft benefits.  Essentially the tangible rewards and the intangible recognition derived from working for your company.   By it’s very nature it is the internal “why” people choose to work for you and stay with you.
  • Your Employer Brand is what other people say about you in the market place.  With the emergence of GlassDoor, your Employer Brand is exposed for the world to see meaning that investing in an Employer Brand Strategy is very important if you have plans to hire, or if you want to attract the best candidates in the market place.   Your Employer Brand requires marketing support, to really promote the aspects of your EVP considered most unique, or most successful.

  • Your Culture starts with your Vision, values and Mission and how you want to shape (or potentially re-shape) the behaviours of your employees.  It is important to give your culture a name in order to create a living, breathing experience.  According to the Harvard Business Review, Business Leaders who consider culture to be important, can unleash a tremendous amount of energy towards a shared purpose and foster an organisations capacity to thrive.

Macildowie have the specialist capability, the technical know-how and the creative expertise to help you to build a winning Employer Brand through the use of dynamic digital media and video storytelling.    

Book in for a free consultation to run through your own company glassdoor score, CEO review and to discuss a simple strategy for developing your EVP in order to create an award winning employer brand.

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