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7. Onboarding

Create your own Rockstar On-Boarding Process

Onboarding and Re-Onboarding is one of the hottest topics in the world of recruitment at this moment in time.  

Businesses have still been recruiting during lockdown, and onboarding candidates has therefore had to be performed remotely, virtually over ZOOM. 

Some have done this well, some badly.  All have had to develop their processes overnight.

However, there is a more pressing challenge for Business Leaders to address.

9.2 million furloughees need Re-Onboarding

There is a massive challenge with how to Re-Onboard furloughees, in order to ensure that the people who are returning to work are able to hit the ground running safely.

This is something that needs doing at scale, yet in a personal way.

Never before has so much change taken place in a 100 day period. 

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, said on the 30th April that

“Microsoft has seen two years worth of digital transformation in just two months”. 

He also stated that as new work norms evolve, businesses are realising that they need a comprehensive solution that brings together communications, collaboration and business processes. 

This means that, for returning furloughees, there is more “stuff” than ever to understand, learn from scratch and catch up on. 

Given that Business Leaders are already stretched, with to-do lists that multiply in size by the day, onboarding and re-onboarding needs to be systemised, digitised, performed at scale, be consistent for everyone (rather than relying on the charisma of the manager) and it simply must deliver an experience whereby employees feel cared for.

Recognising this opportunity, Macildowie have been working with a software solutions partner to bring a very exciting addition to an already award winning Customer Value Proposition that will allow you to create your own “rockstar” onboarding experience for your people.

And the great news is, that this innovative new solution not only delivers on your onboarding requirements, it also:

  • Provides a fully GDPR compliant, One stop HR and culture shop.
  • Enables you to deliver a world class internal communications strategy.
  • Gives you a standard platform to use immediately, and then evolve and bespoke your own E-Learning system.
  • Provides you with an innovative Performance Management Framework including 9-Box grid functionality.

At Macildowie, we are passionate about Staff Retention, we believe that this addition to our offering is a real gamechanger for our clients.

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