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1. People Strategy Audit

People Strategy Audit

Most Business Leaders just need to be asked the right questions in order to come up with the right answers that will help them to build a successful Business Plan.

However, our experience of working with CEO’s and MD’s during Lockdown at our weekly CEO Network Meeting is that most need help with those very questions.

Barrier to growth

Given that 90% of Business Leaders, before lockdown, said that their main barrier to achieving profitable growth was a lack of quality talent then it makes sense that the same Business Leaders shift their focus onto retaining their best people as the economy gradually re-opens.

So to help you with those questions, we have put together a PEOPLE AUDIT, which is free to download here:

Form ID:5607

If you would like to engage with a Macildowie Recruitment and Retention Consultant to run through these questions in more depth with you, or to facilitate a Leadership Team exercise then please get in touch.

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