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Preferred Supplier List

Many organisations quite rightly operate a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) when it comes to outsourcing their candidate attraction solutions.  

Compare Macildowie to your current suppliers

Others trust one recruitment provider sufficiently to work with them either exclusively or retained on the majority of vacancies.  Both ensure that costs and service levels are transparent, and that the recruitment company/s can get to know what “good” looks like regarding the candidates you employ.  

Equally as important – it prevents you and your team having to field hundreds of over familiar 'cold calls' a month from recruitment agents.

If this describes your business and your own preferred way of operating then you are someone that we want to start to build a relationship with for the future.  

We like people who take recruitment seriously enough to have invested time developing relationships with suppliers.  

We also know from experience that your partner recruitment companies will not be able to fill 100% of your vacancies 100% of the time, so we would like to offer a comparison to those service levels you are used to, to help you to benchmark the value for money you currently receive.

We know that there is a massive benefit to your business in trying us out, in comparing us to your current recruitment suppliers.  We’re not looking to replace your existing relationships (immediately!).  

Find your dedicated consultant

The question we do want to pose is - do your current suppliers offer the same value proposition that we offer at no additional cost to our standard terms of business?  After reading through our key differentiating service proposition below, if the answer to our question is “NO, then please either complete our PSL COMPARISON form or find your most relevant Consultant to contact them directly and put us to the test.  Macildowie offers:

  • Star Candidates that other agencies don’t have.
  • A recruitment specific profiling tool that ensures our clients have a truly holistic view of the candidates submitted for their vacancy.
  • Access to our excellent research team.  We are able to headhunt on your behalf using the best networking tools to source candidates who may not actively be looking for their next role, thus increasing our reach in the market.
  • Excellent service, you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact who will look after your recruitment needs.
  • Consultants who work to the highest industry standards.
  • A discount on our typical rates.
  • Access to alternative, innovative payment plans.
  • A free workshop on how to make the most, as a business, from Linkedin – we’ll even show you how you can recruit for free.

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