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Wild Card CVs

Macildowie Recruitment Consultants meet hundreds of candidates a year...

We do this to ensure that we save our clients time and therefore money during the attraction, selection and hiring process.

Occasions arise when the demands of our client are unrealistic.  We believe that our role at this point is to communicate courageously as the last thing that the Hiring Manager wants is a Consultant who says "yes" to their face, yet utters "no chance" behind their back.

In instances like these your Macildowie Consultant will talk about their WILD CARD candidates.

What do we mean by Wildcard candidate?

When we take a job brief or discuss a vacancy/requirement with our client, Macildowie Recruitment Consultants will discuss the benefit of including a "Wild card" candidate within the shortlist.

This regularly means that we add value to the recruitment process that others do not.  


Because we have made hundreds of placements over the years which, but for Macildowie, the hiring manager would never have considered.

I think most people would agree that not all CVs accurately reflect the quality of the person and given that 83% of businesses are currently hiring talent based upon their softer skills, behaviours and capacity for processing information or "trainability" we believe that engaging on your next piece of recruitment with Macildowie will give you access to a talent pool you hadn't previously considered.

If you are having trouble filling one of your vacancies, don't wait another minute.

Register your role with us - we'll obviously try and find you the perfect match, but more than that, we'll let you know about the highly talented wild cards that you should meet.

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