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3 Ingredients For A Winning Culture – DELIVER

Friday, 9 June 2023

10:00 to 11:00


​Attracting and retaining people has never been more important. People are looking for a match when it comes to their characteristics and a place to work. This online session will show you how building and demonstrating your culture matters.

People and culture are arguably what make your business unique. The challenge is how to build the right culture, bring it to life and ensure it evolves and delivers a great experience for everyone, your customer and suppliers.

In this event, we will explore how to mix the 3 ingredients to build and continually evolve the right workplace culture for your business and its people. The DELIVER stage is ensuring that ASK, LISTEN and INVOLVE are ongoing processes that never die. The world is constantly evolving and to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you retain and attract the right people, it’s important to rinse and repeat this cycle.

In this session, we will explore how to demonstrate and communicate your workplace culture, specifically how you embrace a culture of ASKING, LISTENING and INVOLVING PEOPLE. We will help you plan how to communicate your Employer Brand and EVP (Employee Value Proposition) so you become a people magnet for your sector.

About the speaker:

Andy Gallimore, Director at Culturev8te, working closely with businesses to build resilience will be hosting this insightful event. Andy has helped manufacturing businesses across the Midlands (and beyond) to create a reliable, competitive advantage through their people.

His programmes give your teams and managers the confidence, awareness and empathy they need to perform at their highest level. All while directly supporting your vision for the future of your business.

Visit his LinkedIn to find out more.

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