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3 Ingredients for a Winning Culture. Ingredient #3: INVOLVE

Wednesday, 21 September 2022


Zoom Video Call

Attracting and retaining people has never been more important. People are looking for a match when it comes to their characteristics and a place to work. In fact, most workplace surveys reveal that people would like to be included and involved in the decision that affects them. Building and demonstrating your culture matters and we will show you how. People and Culture are arguably what makes your business unique. The challenge is how to build the right culture, bring it to life and ensure it evolves and delivers a great experience for everyone, your customer and your suppliers.

In this event, we will explore the 3rd ingredient: Involve. Involving people with what matters to them and things which affect them makes everyone’s life easier. People often think the more people are involved, the more drawn-out things become. The opposite is true, involve people at the right time in the right way and they will exceed your expectations, embracing what’s needed and ultimately they'll wow your customers. Involving people needs to be the responsibility of everyone and should be incorporated into your people management processes.

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