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A New Way© Workplace Resilience & Wellbeing Booster Session

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

10:00 to 11:00

Zoom Video Call

One-hour online session Drawing on elements of A New Way © Resilience Programme, The session will be delivered by Cecilia Shandeva, Founder. (designed with the challenges of Covid-19 in mind and the impact on personal resilience and workplace wellbeing).

Explore the core elements of resilience, what is it, and more importantly, what it isn’t. We look at how organisations can boost workplace resilience and wellbeing. Participants have an opportunity to learn simple and effective techniques to manage the balance of performance v stress, becoming mindful of their resilience and stressors. We close the session off with an overview of stress, anxiety and depression, and why self-compassion sits at the heart of our wellbeing.


yugen connections are Workplace Wellbeing & Resilience Specialists. We provide expert advice on organisational wellbeing, conduct resilience assessments, host workshops, and offer 1:1 coaching for leaders, teams and individuals.

Covid-19 and Resilience: we support individuals and teams in a way that honours any stressful experiences of dealing with Covid-19, and that focuses on building resilience for the future. A New Way Resilience Programme © was developed to enhance better resilient thoughts and behaviours of individuals, teams, and leaders. We support teams with the transition from the old to the new world of work.

A New Way ©, designed and developed by our Founder, is a 5 step heart-centred programme that includes elements of mental and emotional health sessions, better self-care, along with physical wellbeing, all which go beyond traditional goal setting.

Additionally, we offer evidence-based solutions to resilient leadership development, emotional intelligence enhancement, and grief recovery. Furthermore, we support organisations in building a business case for wellbeing (backed up by the latest research) through the effective implementation of their annual wellbeing strategy.

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