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AI Essentials for Business Leaders

20th June 2024

As 2024 gathers pace, the opportunity to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your enterprise strategy has never been more critical. To help business leaders understand the opportunity, we’re hosting a hands-on C-Suite Level AI Introduction course in Nottingham on June 20th. Limited seats are available and reserved exclusively for C-suite executives and business leaders.

To help business leaders understand the opportunity, we’re running a hands-on C-Suite Level AI Introduction course in Nottingham on the 20th of June, hosted by ourselves.

Why Attend?

The potential for growth and value creation is immense. However, so are the complexities, skills, and ethical challenges that come with it. Our course tackles these vital areas in detail and offers practical solutions.


Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to AI: Understanding its adoption rate, business impact, and growth opportunities.
  • Getting Started: Tackling the skill and people challenges unique to AI in the enterprise.
  • Ethics, Regulation, Risks: Navigate the often murky waters of AI ethics and regulation.
  • Strategy and Budgets for 2024: Future-proof your organisation.
  • Case Studies and Insight: How are businesses already deploying the technology at a business-wide level?
  • Hands-On with ChatGPT: Learn how to write effective prompts and understand the risks and rewards.
  • First Steps: How to identify and kick-start your first AI projects


What People Are Saying:

"I highly recommend this course for those wanting to understand and start adopting AI. This course was super insightful and delivered in an easy, simple and engaging manner that provided many effective lessons and tips on how to successfully utilise AI in your life and start to implement it in your business. Thank you to Paul and the team for a great course."


About the Instructor:

Paul Bratcher brings to the table 25 years of experience in achieving digital transformation across diverse enterprises—from scale-ups to FTSE 100 companies. His unique insights blend technology with a people-centric approach, encouraging innovation and sustainable change.


Why is this course unique?

The course leverages Paul's 25 years of experience in the industry. The curriculum is meticulously designed to suit the demands and needs of C-suite executives, focusing not only on the theoretical aspects but also on practical applications. You can expect a blend of technological know-how and strategic foresight, all aimed at propelling you and your organisation into the AI age successfully.

Seize this opportunity to elevate your strategic decision-making with AI. We are looking forward to seeing you there!