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Beyond Budgeting

Thursday, 30 September 2021

11:00 to 12:30

Zoom Video Call

Ever wished you can just rip up the rule book and start again? The events of the last year

have given businesses and organisations a real opportunity to totally rethink their business model BUT very few would consider tearing up their budgets altogether and using purpose, values and transparency to motivate, performance manage and reward their teams.

Join us for our first event looking at a business leader who has done exactly that AND find out about the results it delivered, across one of the most challenging economic years ever.


Lesley Spencer has held the positions of Managing Director, Projects and Acquisitions Director,

Strategy Director, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Lesley’s roles have involved her leading groups and teams through significant periods of change.

This experience has underlined to Lesley the vital importance of understanding her personal style and the impact she has as a leader on the organisational dynamics and the importance of improving both for enduring business success.

In her most recent corporate role as CFO of a large national firm, she supported the business to rethink its leadership and operating model. This involved a major shift towards an operating system focused on empowering people and promoting transparency - a significant departure from traditional command and control management styles. 

Lesley embraced and tailored much of the thinking behind The Beyond Budgeting Institute and HR Disrupted as the business embarked on its unique operating model. Having honed a skill set that encourages and supports the development and constructive change both for businesses and individuals, Lesley has transitioned to the role of executive and business coach with a focus on leadership and organisational growth. She now spends her time working alongside a portfolio of senior individuals who share many of the same challenges at a personal, leadership and organisational level. She also continues to work as a non-executive director.

Her passion lies in supporting leaders to rethink how they lead their organisations and people. Especially those leaders with a growth mindset, who are keen to understand and embrace innovative management models, release their people from stifling bureaucracy and control systems, trust them with information and give them time to think, reflect, share, learn, improve and grow.

Sign up for our online event here on 30th September to find out more!



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