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How to respond to threats to employee loyalty and retention post-COVID

Friday, 3 September 2021

11:00 to 12:30

Zoom Video Call

Organisational research has found for many years now that the productivity and performance of an organisation is heavily reliant on the commitment of its employees.

Fairness in the workplace significantly impacts commitment and can determine loyalty to an organisation, and as a result, the way in which employees behave towards it. Not only does this commitment help companies to avoid serious costs related to recruiting and training new employees, loss of knowledge and lower productivity, it also provides several well-researched benefits, including extra efforts above and beyond job roles, increased satisfaction, better well-being, and stronger performance. In the current post-covid world where employees are feeling increased levels of fatigue and disconnection, it’s crucial to understand how to protect and promote feelings of commitment.


Louise Lennon, Founder of The People Deal, will share the findings of a two-year research project into the transformational nature of organisational fairness. During which, she will explain how it positively impacts employees, strengthens relationships and results in highly desirable outcomes for organisations.

During this session, Louise will introduce a framework that helps organisations advance fairness in the workplace and:

• Consider fairness from an employee commitment perspective.

• Identifying how to proactively manage the risks to employee loyalty and retention.

• Explain the role of trust in increasing employee commitment.

Join this event to learn how to create a positive, inclusive, and productive working environment - where employees feel and act better and do lasting good for each other and the organisation they work for.

You can sign up for the event, here.


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