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Mythbusting the ‘impostor syndrome’ in the workplace

Friday, 9 April 2021

11:00 to 12:30

Zoom Video Call

The first in the series, this seminar will sort the evidence based fact from the social media fiction about the ‘imposter syndrome’. Explore the ‘fake news’ about the impostor phenomenon (as the experience is more correctly known) and learn why modern workplaces and systems may be fuelling an experience that robs individuals of their enjoyment of success and organisations of latent talent and improved performance.

Dr Theresa (Terri) Simpkin is a forward thinking, industry focused academic, consultant, public speaker and educator. Driven by an almost insatiable urge to see people and organisations harness their potential, Terri finds professional and personal satisfaction in working with people who know they and their organisations can be better.

Driven by her frustration at the glacial pace of real change from inclusion practices, her professional development programme, Braver Stronger Smarter, is based on her own research into the impostor phenomenon; advancing over forty years of previous work in the area. The initiative aims to diminish the workplace, leadership and personal implications associated with the experience. This work has a focus on inclusion and minimisation of implicit bias in organisational and social structures.

As an experienced consultant, she has worked with industry associations, large organisations and SMEs. She has advised government agencies on skills, labour and training strategies and informed the Australian Government on skills shortages and labour market issues. In short, she has a fascination with structures that support and inspire the best in people.

As an educator, Terri has worked extensively in vocational education, the university sector and executive education. Generating responses to pressing organisational challenges, she draws on creative and evidence-based sources to deliver context aligned suites of interventions and/or initiatives. She was named one of the 50 most influential women in the data economy for her work developing world leading Master’s programmes and advising industry on workforce challenges.

She is a regular contributor to industry journals, publications, radio and television media.

Churchill Fellow, CPHR, MCIPD, PGCert (HE), Trustee of the Baker Dearing Trust.

Specialisms: Inclusion, Impostor Phenomenon, Org. Development, PG/Executive Education, Workforce Development/Planning, Leadership, Industry 4.0.

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