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The War for Talent is over, Talent has Won!

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

10:00 to 12:30

Zoom Video Call

A War that Talent is arguably winning.

There hasn’t been such a short supply of quality candidates in the last 25 years. The shortage in supply is driving up the cost of finding people and the salary packages required to secure them.

The situation that we find ourselves in means that we all need to think and then act differently from a recruitment and retention perspective. We need to get more strategic and stop acting tactically.

Businesses are going to experience one or all of the following if they don’t think more strategically about people and about talent:

A lack of candidates to fill current and future vacancies.

Candidates voting with their feet and leave to work somewhere else.

A hike in recruitment fees.

An increase in time taken to fill critical vacancies.

Disengaged and less productive employees.

Macildowie is hosting this event on 25th January, supported by an expert panel, to discuss the current challenges you are all facing in the post-pandemic recruitment market.

The difficulties that some businesses are facing with regards to the attraction of the right calibre (and quantity) of candidates is only being compounded by the press highlighting what they are referring to as the impending “Great Resignation”. This all means that businesses need to think more strategically about people and about talent.

This brilliant panel of experts will not only give advice about what they see as current best practices but also leave you with hints and tips as to how to achieve the results that you are seeking.

If you are a business struggling to recruit quality candidates into your current vacancies, experiencing an unprecedented number of resignations, or you’ve just signed off (or are about to sign off) a high growth hiring plan then this event is for you.

Presented by Macildowie CEO, James Taylor.

With guest speakers:

John O’Sulllivan - Chairman of Elite Leaders

Andy Gallimore - Culture and HR specialist

Rekha Dhokia - Finance Director

Keith Cox - Director

Louise Hadland - Chief Operating Officer 

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