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Transformation: Turning Resistance Into Momentum

3rd October 2023

The impact of unsuccessful transformation is far-reaching, long-lasting and possibly terminal for organisations grappling with a rapidly changing environment.

But successful transformation is absolutely within reach. This online session hosted by Anthony Madigan will set out the steps you need to take and why they work.

It'll cover:

- The primary causes of transformation failure.

- How to turn resistance into momentum.

- Why sustaining momentum is the hardest of all, and what to do about it.

This is a session for business leaders committed to making their transformation initiatives a success. By the end of the session, you will have:

- A better understanding of the obstacles you face (you're not alone in having them).

- The right questions to be asking your team and colleagues.

- Practical suggestions for reducing the risk of failed change.

About the Speaker: Anthony Madigan

Years ago, Anthony made a pivotal decision to leave behind a thriving corporate career. This bold step led him to a fulfilling path of assisting leaders and businesses in unlocking their full potential. It turned out to be the best decision he ever made.

Today, Anthony leads a highly skilled team dedicated to providing individuals, teams, and businesses with the indispensable tools needed to accomplish monumental feats. Their expertise lies in the art of crafting enduring narratives and impactful storytelling, capable of moving mountains.

Working with a diverse clientele ranging from CEOs and CFOs to Chief Strategy Officers and HR Directors, spanning across the UK, US, and Asia Pacific, Anthony and his team understand that every story is unique, yet each carries the potential to make a significant impact.

What sets Anthony's approach apart is the distinctiveness of their process and training. Their work stands as a testament, having earned accolades and recognition. More importantly, their clients choose to stay with them, a testament to the tangible results they consistently deliver.

If you're driven by a vision, a cause, or a goal that holds paramount importance to you, Anthony and his team are eager to partner with you. Together, they'll help you turn your aspirations into achievements.