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What is AI? – The Impact. The Issues. The Opportunities.

17th October 2023

Are you curious about the buzz around AI? Do you wonder how AI can benefit or
challenge your business? Keen to demystify tech jargon?

If your answer to any of these questions is Yes then this webinar is designed just for you!

In this 45-minute session we will cover:

  • The 'S' Curve: Understand the growth trajectory of AI technologies.
  • Types of AI: Demystify the different kinds of AI and their applications.
  • Impact on Business: Discover how AI will revolutionise the way we work.
  • Impact on You: Learn how AI will affect your role and future career.
  • The Opportunity: Unveil the possibilities that AI opens up for businesses.
  • The Challenge: Discuss potential pitfalls and how to navigate them.
  • Is it Just Hype?: Separate fact from fiction in AI.
  • AI That's Here Already: Real-world examples of current AI technologies.
  • AI That's Arriving Right Now: Get a sneak peek into the future of AI.
  • Start by Starting: Practical first steps to embracing AI in your business.

Join us as we delve into the new world that is AI! Don't miss out on this opportunity to separate fact from fiction in AI and get a sneak peek into its future...

About the Speaker

Matt Parry

Matt is a co-founder at The Future Collective, a strategic design practice committed to utilising creativity as a catalyst for positive change. With over 25 years of experience in business strategy, design, retail, brand strategy, and digital transformation, he believes in the transformative power of design to elevate brand communications and experiences.

Paul Bratcher

Paul is a board-level executive who delivers proven significant digital and business transformation and is seeking to help organisations to flourish by embracing AI, business agility, collaboration and digital transformation.

Paul is also co-founder of unfoldai, a modern artificial intelligence strategy and transformation consultancy delivering sustainable value, for everyone, for good.