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Women In Leadership – with Amanda Daly

Thursday, 9 February 2023

13:00 to 14:00

Zoom Video Call

In the UK, while women make up 45% of senior positions, this starts to fall significantly from mid-management level. At director level, women make up 33% of roles, and at VP level, female representation drops to 23%. This event is created to explore reasons why and to resonate with many women and men on what can be done to start increasing these statistics?

FEAR, TIME, RESOURCE or simply circumstances. These series of seminars are to create the environments to explore, challenge and inspire. The sessions are led by Amanda Daly who ran an IT and Telecoms company before exiting to pursue her passion of business coaching and performance. In 2022 Amanda created The Insight Centre, (www.insight-centre.com) A virtual centre designed to deliver coaching excellence. A range of coaches and tailored 1:1 packages which include personal transformation, leadership coaching, succession and excellence.

If you are curious about your own progression, the blockers or simply want to challenge the status quo and contribute to change, join us for these informal sessions. Who knows we can create the opportunity, energy and tenacity for you to become one of the statistics of those who occupy the most senior VP levels!


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