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We are proud to be one of very few agencies to have an executive search function based in the Midlands with a sole geographical focus of the Midlands.  Why is that important in your decision making process? 

  • Firstly, we know the local economy, we’ve been helping customers here for the last 25 years - we will know where your next critical hire works. 

  • Secondly, whilst we will consider candidates looking to relocate, the risk associated with candidates needing to move is exponentially higher than those in the Midlands and surrounds. 

Why would you chose a recruitment partner based outside of this area?

Our vetting process is extremely robust.  We utilise a multi-layered vetting methodology that matches your requirements against sector, technical, behavioural and motivational fit.  This multi-faceted approach that will be tailored to your requirements is a tried and tested way to identify, engage and on-board the very best talent for you.


The first 100 days of any appointment are of critical importance and this is amplified with seniority.  Macildowie’s executive search capability offers services to maximise the effectiveness of the new appointee from the moment they walk through the door. 

  • Firstly, we offer the consulting capability of Power2Progress, an executive development, business coaching, management training organisation that positively impacts productivity, performance and profitability.

  • They do so by engaging with you and the appointee to delivering practical and engaging coaching interactions for maximising the potential of your new hire. 

  • Secondly, we offer the use of our MindMill assessment suite to profile the team that the new appointee would be managing.  This will give you and the appointee a valuable understanding of behavioural levers to pull and red flags to be aware of to augment effective management from day one.


Most search firms structure their fees on a retained basis which is weighted in a way that means you have paid them the majority of the fee before you’ve met a candidate.  Often, there are hidden or ancillary fees which lead to unforeseen budget creep. 

At Macildowie Executive Search, we seek to give peace of mind by creating a tailored, retained fee structure to demonstrate mutual interest in ensuring you know your brief is being executed against and that ultimately, your new hire performs in line with your expectations.  


We work with trusted CIPD-qualified partners to bring you consulting capability to help you drive your talent strategies.  Our consulting partners are able to provide objective input in regards to talent attraction, on-boarding, engagement, retention, performance management or exit. 

Talent strategies will always be important Board-level priorities, although the ability to execute against these because of under-resourcing is increasingly common.  Our consulting partners can help.

Restructure Services

Our restructure services are designed to partner you in the objective assessment of “at-risk” employees for post-restructure vacancies. Engaging Macildowie as a neutral third party can help improve hiring manager/employee interactions, provide opinions/observations on any interview processes, applicant performance and consequent hiring recommendations.  Working with Macildowie in this way also illustrates to at-risk employees how seriously you are about running a fair process, which in turn cultivates positive marketplace feedback on your organisation and mitigates risk of grievances.

Outplacement Services 

Our outplacement services provide support when you know which of your workforce you are releasing from employment.  Macildowie’s tailored service offering can help upskill employees on their CV writing, interview performance, personal brand management and job search.  Providing a positive experience for employees upon exit of your business not only provides them with important life-skills, it also protects your reputation and contributes towards wide economic productivity. 


No organisation wants to lose critical skills and people without a robust, nimble succession plan in place.  Macildowie’s Executive Search team can help you with planning for these eventualities. 

Whether it is remote market mapping or a higher touch pipeline construction, you will have peace of mind that a disaster recovery plan is in place to mitigate risk. Importantly, you can trust that all services are conducted with the strictest confidence.

If you want to know more about any of the above services please contact Richard Haaker on 07747 488 850 or richardh@macildowie.com 

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