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Call us, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or get in touch on social.
Registered Address: Waterfront House, Station Street, Nottingham, England, NG2 3DQ
Company Number: 03358898

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Send Us Your CV

Send Us Your CV

Elevate your career by sending us your CV. Join a team that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth. Don't wait – take control of your future today.

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Our team of consultants is made up of expert recruiters with a wealth of experience of recruiting in the professional disciplines that they spearhead.

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We want you to give us your honest feedback about how we’re doing. At Macildowie, we strive to give our candidates the very best service possible and we believe that communication is key to doing this. Whilst we strive to meet our Candidate Pledge, we understand that we’re not perfect and this doesn’t always happen, so by giving us constructive feedback we can ensure every candidate gets the outstanding service they deserve.

How does your feedback help us?

  • We can make tweaks and improvements to how we operate for the better
  • It’ll help us meet our Candidate Pledge even more successfully.
  • It allows us to reflect on the service we offer and think about how we can improve
  • We can make changes that really do benefit you, our candidates

We understand that critical feedback is key to being better and more successful, so please do let us know what we could be doing better. You might have found some things that we could be doing better and by letting us know, we can do it better for our next candidate.

Your feedback allows us to improve and make changes that directly impact you, our candidates so you have the best Macildowie experience possible

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How To Resign From Your Current Job

If you’re reading this the chances are that you’ve secured a new role so congratulations! However, there’s one more big hurdle to jump - that’s handing in your notice to your current boss. It’s often more nerve-wracking than interviewing. We have supported many thousands of candidates through doing this so we’ve put together this guide.

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Hand in your notice with confidence

  • Review your contract to confirm your notice period and work out your final day of employment with your current business.

  • Check your contract or any other work agreements to see if you need to pay back study support for professional qualifications you’ve been supported with (talk to us if you’re unsure what this might mean).

  • Work out your remaining holiday balance. Some businesses will pay you for this or ask that you take it as part of your notice.

Tips for Handing in Notice

Now that’s all done, you can focus on handing in your notice. The first thing to do is to draft a letter or email. The business will need a copy of your notice in writing so having this ready to go is always helpful.

In almost all cases, it’s best to hand your notice in in person, however, in a world with remote and hybrid working, this isn’t always possible. Once you are ready, message your manager first thing asking them for some time in person or on a teams/zoom call. Once you’re on the call, try and get straight to the point. Thank them for their support and agree a finishing date. Whilst sometimes difficult, the process of “ripping the plaster off” is often the best.

Send them your email or hand them your letter straight after the meeting and ask for this to be recognised in writing.

Dealing with Counter Offers

Some businesses may try and counter offer you to stay. It’s worth knowing up front that in our experience around 90% of people who stay for a counter offer still leave within 6 months or so as the real reasons they were looking to move have not changed. If you receive a counter offer, focus on the reasons you were looking for a move in the first place. First off – don’t accept it. It very rarely works out. If you are tempted, make sure you speak to your consultant at Macildowie first to discuss the pros and cons.

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Leaving Your Job Gracefully: Tips for a Positive Exit

Assuming all goes well, the next stage is to make sure you leave on your last day in a positive place. The world of work is surprisingly small and it’s amazing how often mutual contacts will crop up again throughout your career. So, to leave in the best possible light:
  • Agree an action plan with your manager
  • Communicate with your key stakeholders to inform them (internal and external)
  • Build a detailed handover with key information for your team and potential successor
  • Support where possible in hiring your successor (register this vacancy with us)

  • Say thank you to the people who have helped you during your time with the business (sounds small but it’s one of the most lasting and powerful things people do)

  • Stay in regular contact with the business you are moving to (try and go to meet them at least once during your notice)
  • Get excited for your new challenge!

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CV Template

Your CV is a Sales Pitch – The Goal is to get an Interview

Your CV is the first and most important tool to ensure you secure an interview. Like it or not, it’s a sales pitch to a prospective employer. It must sell you in an attractive and professional manner.

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Showcase You

Your CV is a record of your experience but it should showcase your achievements. These are what really differentiate you from other people with similar experience. If an employer sees an achievement on a CV that’s relevant to their job they will want to ask you about it. That makes it easy for them to tick the boxes in their selection criteria. It also makes it easier for them to run an interview and easier for you to answer their questions.

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Content for your CV

Section 1 - Personal details

The key here is not to take up too much room. All you need is name, along with your email address and Linkedin URL. Ensure your Linkedin profile is up to date as this is essentially where you promote 'Brand You'.

Section 2 - Education

Start with your most recent first, even if you're only part-qualified.  Stipulate when you intend to take your next stage of exams. In addition:

  • GCSEs - detail your grades (not subjects).
  • A-Levels - detail of subjects and specific grades (otherwise the reader will assume your grades were poor).
  • Add in T Levels, BTEC and HND, if appropriate.
  • Degree - detail classification of degree, where you studied and the course.

Section 3 - Experience

For all the different businesses you have worked for - ensure that there is a description of what the company does, its size, and who it competes with.  Do not assume that the reader knows.  In addition:

  • Separate out different jobs within the same business - this shows progression, which is evidence that you were rated highly.
  • Your past 2 jobs or last 5 years of experience to be constructed as follows:
    • 3 or 4 Bullets on your MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES
    • 3 or 4 Bullets on your AD-HOC PROJECT TYPE WORK - i.e the non day to day stuff!
    • 4 or 5 Bullets on your KEY ACHIEVEMENTS - the experience that is unique to you - where you have had a positive impact on the performance of the business, your team etc
  • Write your experience section in bullet points NOT prose - it is your responsibility to make your CV easy on the eye (i.e lots of white space) and easy for the reader/interviewer to pick out the most relevant parts.

Section 4 - Additional Info

List your computer skills, with specific packages used and your ability on those packages/applications.  Add any courses you have attended or any formal training that you have received.

Section 5 - Interests

You have nothing to lose by adding in your interests. If you share something in common, it acts as an ice breaker!

And finally, some additional thoughts:

  • Bespoke your CV to every job application - there will be words & phrases in the job you're applying for, that you can use in your CV to better explain your experience for this job.
  • Highlight the most relevant aspects of your experience to the job you are applying for - it just ensures the reader doesn't miss something.


Ensure your CV looks professional and is laid out neatly. You will be judged by the standard of this, so ensure it creates a fantastic first impression, with a font size no smaller than 11.  Do not use Times New Roman font.


You should be able to say everything necessary on no more than three sides of A4.  


Only include information in your CV that can be factually verified. Expressions such as, "a good mixer" or “enthusiastic and outgoing” are best left out, and can be better conveyed face to face in an interview.  Use number based facts if you can, ‘I have improved efficiency by 25%’ or ‘I have increased sales ten fold’.

Consultant Advice

When you meet a Macildowie group consultant you will get individual feedback and support to put together the best CV possible.

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