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CV Template

Your CV is a Sales Pitch – The Goal is to get an Interview

Your CV is the first and most important tool to ensure you secure an interview. Like it or not, it’s a sales pitch to a prospective employer. It must sell you in an attractive and professional manner.

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Showcase You

Your CV is a record of your experience but it should showcase your achievements. These are what really differentiate you from other people with similar experience. If an employer sees an achievement on a CV that’s relevant to their job they will want to ask you about it. That makes it easy for them to tick the boxes in their selection criteria. It also makes it easier for them to run an interview and easier for you to answer their questions.

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Content for your CV

Section 1 - Personal details

The key here is not to take up too much room. All you need is name, along with your email address and Linkedin URL. Ensure your Linkedin profile is up to date as this is essentially where you promote 'Brand You'.

Section 2 - Education

Start with your most recent first, even if you're only part-qualified.  Stipulate when you intend to take your next stage of exams. In addition:

  • GCSEs - detail your grades (not subjects).
  • A-Levels - detail of subjects and specific grades (otherwise the reader will assume your grades were poor).
  • Add in T Levels, BTEC and HND, if appropriate.
  • Degree - detail classification of degree, where you studied and the course.

Section 3 - Experience

For all the different businesses you have worked for - ensure that there is a description of what the company does, its size, and who it competes with.  Do not assume that the reader knows.  In addition:

  • Separate out different jobs within the same business - this shows progression, which is evidence that you were rated highly.
  • Your past 2 jobs or last 5 years of experience to be constructed as follows:
    • 3 or 4 Bullets on your MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES
    • 3 or 4 Bullets on your AD-HOC PROJECT TYPE WORK - i.e the non day to day stuff!
    • 4 or 5 Bullets on your KEY ACHIEVEMENTS - the experience that is unique to you - where you have had a positive impact on the performance of the business, your team etc
  • Write your experience section in bullet points NOT prose - it is your responsibility to make your CV easy on the eye (i.e lots of white space) and easy for the reader/interviewer to pick out the most relevant parts.

Section 4 - Additional Info

List your computer skills, with specific packages used and your ability on those packages/applications.  Add any courses you have attended or any formal training that you have received.

Section 5 - Interests

You have nothing to lose by adding in your interests. If you share something in common, it acts as an ice breaker!

And finally, some additional thoughts:

  • Bespoke your CV to every job application - there will be words & phrases in the job you're applying for, that you can use in your CV to better explain your experience for this job.
  • Highlight the most relevant aspects of your experience to the job you are applying for - it just ensures the reader doesn't miss something.


Ensure your CV looks professional and is laid out neatly. You will be judged by the standard of this, so ensure it creates a fantastic first impression, with a font size no smaller than 11.  Do not use Times New Roman font.


You should be able to say everything necessary on no more than three sides of A4.  


Only include information in your CV that can be factually verified. Expressions such as, "a good mixer" or “enthusiastic and outgoing” are best left out, and can be better conveyed face to face in an interview.  Use number based facts if you can, ‘I have improved efficiency by 25%’ or ‘I have increased sales ten fold’.

Consultant Advice

When you meet a Macildowie group consultant you will get individual feedback and support to put together the best CV possible.

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Job Board

      Use The Search Tool To Find Jobs

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      Psychometric Assessments

      Psychometric Assessments

      Although the use of psychometric tests is not favoured by all, it’s a common assessment tool that you might have to face during recruitment.

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      Psychometric Assessments: A Tool For Career Success

      Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, in fact, our candidates are learning to love them with our help! In today’s market, it's more likely you’ll be tasked with a psychometric assessment during the recruitment process. Even if this isn’t required for the role that you’re going for, we believe that it’s a great tool to get to know your personality, both your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to enter your interview with confidence and a deep understanding of yourself. Doing a psychometric assessment also demonstrates to the interviewer and company that you’re serious about your career, making it more likely for you to get the job that you want.

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      Partnering with Thrive to Help You Find a Job

      We use Thrive and their experience as the world’s leading psychometric hiring assessment provider so you have the chance to sit an assessment and find out more about yourself. Our consultants will talk you through and explain the results and reports. As career consultants, we felt that it was important to partner with Thrive to further help us to find you a job that is both successful and rewarding.

      The report that Thrive creates will give us insights that you might not even be aware of, this ranges from anything from your motivation to your working styles, and the aim of it is to help you make better career choices. Once you know what really motivates you, you can then work on how interviewers might perceive you.

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      Improve Your Chances of Getting an Interview with Thrive

      Our data suggests that by doing a Thrive assessment and following the recommendations for development, you will be more likely to get an interview for the jobs that you are applying for. The report itself also includes a list of suggested questions for an interview and practical tips for your professional development, and we can work with you to prepare for these in advance, so you can really communicate well with the interviewer about your personality.

      It’s also worth remembering that most companies will make hiring choices based on personality, behaviour and soft skills, over just qualifications and technical competency. Thrive lets you do this in a way where you’re truly informed, prepared and ready to communicate this and perform well at the interview.

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      Submitting Timesheets

      Remove the stress - temp through Macildowie

      At Macildowie, we’ve made getting paid as hassle-free as possible. Using an online timesheet portal, you can submit your timesheet without the inconvenience of printing paper timesheets to complete. You will receive an activation link from our dedicated Payroll Team. Once registered, the link to the portal to submit your timesheet is:

      Contact Us

      When do I get paid?

      We send out payslips by payroll every Wednesday, meaning payments made to temp staff will clear their bank account on a Friday.

      Temporary and Interim Career Solutions with Macildowie

      At Macildowie, our reliable and committed recruitment consultants are dedicated to helping our candidates through their temporary and interim career options. We make every effort to ensure all temp and interim hiring decisions are a perfect match for both client and candidate and guarantee a smooth transition between roles. You can trust our accounts and payroll department to ensure you are paid correctly and help you achieve flexibility and independence in your chosen position.

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      How can Macildowie help you?

      • Our dedicated payroll team will ensure you get paid correctly every time.
      • We can help you achieve flexibility and independence in your chosen position.
      • Our consultants are always on hand to help you and answer any questions.
      • We can provide both flexibility and structure to your temp work career.

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      Personal Branding

      Personal Branding

      Like it or not, if you have a social media account of some kind, you have an online footprint and by definition, a personal brand. People are able to google your name, read about you, check out your photos, and form an opinion of what you’re all about and what makes you tick.

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      Create a Professional Digital Footprint

      At Macildowie, we encourage you to create a personal brand, as a candidate, to make sure you have a professional digital footprint to grow your network and create an appearance of being an expert in your field. Developing a personal brand allows you to control how you are perceived online by others, helping you make a memorable and positive impression.

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      How can Macildowie help?

      • We can help you work out what factors you need to consider to begin developing your own personal brand
      • Developing a personal brand will help you build your network of contacts within your industry
      • Guide you through the process of developing your personal brand and growing your LinkedIn network
      • We can help you become more desirable online to hiring managers and employment opportunities

      Don’t know where to start?

      Start by writing down answers to the following questions:
      • What are my ambitions?
      • How do my friends and colleagues view me?
      • How do I want to be perceived by people?
      • What makes me different from others?
      • What are my values as a person?
      • In what type of environment do I feel most confident?
      • How have my managers motivated me to achieve great things?

      How do you appear online?

      First things first, type your name into google, with your current company name, and see what comes up. Then do the same with your email address. After this, evaluate how your LinkedIn and Facebook channels would appear to a potential employer too.

      Once you’ve worked on your online personal branding, it’s time to update your offline tools like your CV, cover letter, personal email address, and interview etiquette. Each of these areas of your offline branding needs to be professional while still displaying your individuality and personality; companies will want to hire someone who fits the role and the culture.

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      LinkedIn Workshops

      Gain Insights through Macildowie's Linkedin Workshops

      We believe that LinkedIn plays a pivotal role in helping you to land your ideal job. That’s why we run free LinkedIn Workshops every month to help you understand and improve your online personal branding as well as show you how you can use the platform to add value to yourself, your job search, and potentially your business.

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      Enhance Your Professional Appearance on LinkedIn

      Whether you are a LinkedIn beginner or a social media expert, our workshops are perfect for anyone who wants to better their professional appearance and consequently, their chances of hiring. At Macildowie, we want to help maximise your success on your job hunt and we aim to guide you to enhance your LinkedIn profile to ensure it works for you in the right way.

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      Why come to our LinkedIn Workshops?

      • Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile memorable, as well as the benefits of building a smart profile and the secrets to increasing the impact
      • Gain an understanding of keyword scoring and the power of boolean searching
      • Understand how to gain visibility of jobs that agencies don't post on job boards
      • Develop your professional network to maximise the platform as a social media tool and use it as your own mini-CRM system
      • Connect with other like-minded people who have the same goals as you

      Not social media savvy?

      Don’t worry! Our workshops are for every level of social media expertise. We can help you fully understand the platform and set up your profile from scratch.

      Our Monthly Workshops

      Can’t make this month’s workshop? Our LinkedIn workshops run monthly, as well as many different free online events that we host that will help you develop your personal brand and hiring knowledge, from both a client and candidate perspective.

      At Macildowie, we are committed to supporting our clients and candidates through their careers, not just their job hunt. Our knowledgeable and passionate consultants will help you understand how to utilise LinkedIn to its full potential and develop a memorable personal brand that will add value to yourself, your job search, and potentially your business.

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      Thrive Assessment

      Thrive – Psychometric Assessments

      Psychometric assessments are becoming increasingly popular during the interview process, and Thrive is an online behavioural assessment tool that greatly enhances the chance of selection for the right role.

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      Better Career Decisions with Macildowie and Thrive

      The world’s leading psychometric hiring assessment provider and accredited by international psychology bodies, Thrive is used to gain a better understanding of motivations and personality traits so that you can make better-informed decisions about your career.

      Thrive is trusted by over 500 companies globally including Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles, Clear Score and NorthZone to name a few, testing over 30 million candidates, across 90 countries.

      We use Thrive give our candidates the opportunity to learn about themselves, prior to recruitment, with access to their own consultant to then run through the resulting report. At Macildowie, we see ourselves as Career Consultants, not just recruiters, with our goal being to help you to find a job that you love in order to build a rewarding and successful career.

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      Why take a Thrive psychometric assessment?

      • Allows you to understand your personality better and highlight your strengths and areas for development

      • Helps you to recognise your motivations, and your working and learning styles

      • Develops your confidence in yourself professionally and personally
      • Helps you make better-informed decisions about your career
      • You are more likely to secure an interview for the right jobs

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      Thrive: Elevate Your Hiring Potential

      Hiring managers are looking for desired soft skills and behavioural attributes over and above pure technical ability. Having a Thrive assessment with your CV will not only increase your chance of selection but provide you and the interviewer with a list of suggested competency questions to cover. This gives you an opportunity to prepare accordingly for a more detailed conversation about you as a person and what makes you tick.

      Enquire Today

      Enquire about your Thrive psychometric assessment today!

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      Assessment Centres

      How to Stand Out in an Assessment Center

      Assessment centres are becoming an increasingly popular method of assessment in the world of talent attraction. They give you a chance to learn more about the company and managers, and it allows the employer to meet a high number of candidates in a small space of time so you really need to stand out!

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      What to Expect

      Typically, these centres focus on finding your soft skills, it allows an employer to learn how you act under pressure and how well you work in a group. It’s also a great opportunity for them to see how you communicate.

      When attending an assessment centre you will take part in a range of activities like presentations, role plays, group tasks, case studies and even psychometric tests.

      These centres use a scientific approach to select candidates, rather than employers using their instincts. You should expect to be assessed by a range of managers who will write down and record everything that you do. Normally, you will be scored against a list of criteria, this makes for an easy review at the end of the assessments.

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      How to Prepare for an Assessment Center

      After you’ve secured a place at an assessment centre, you need to be fully prepared so you can perform to your best ability. It’s time to show the organisation what you can do!

      • Research and Planning

        Ensure you’ve searched LinkedIn for staff from the company. Connect with them and ask for their advice, they’ve once been in the same position as you. You never know, they might mention to their manager that you’ve gone the extra mile. Also you’ll most likely have to give a little introduction about yourself at the start of the day so prepare it before you go.

        If you’ve had a task or presentation to prepare then ensure that it’s your best work and that it’s engaging, you don’t want to bore them! The 6/6 rule is handy, don’t use more than 6 words for each bullet point, and don’t use more than 6 bullet points per slide. This should be well-rehearsed and not go over the allocated time.

      • Listen Well and Speak Up

        There will be a lot of information being shared, make sure you listen to it! However, you need to make sure that you’re using your voice to show them that you have listened and understood it. You should speak up and say things that are considered and thoughtful, and make sure you don’t interrupt others.

      • Don’t Get Bogged Down with Little Tasks

        Whilst it is helpful to assist with scribing or folding over charts, getting stuck in one of these roles won’t allow you to stand out and make the most during a task, so do your best to avoid them.
      • Find Solutions

        During these days a number of problems will usually occur; make sure you’re thinking critically and can create solutions, you need to show them that you work well under pressure and in times of challenge.
      • Use LinkedIn

        When the assessment day is finally over remember to connect with the managers that assessed you on LinkedIn, it's a proactive approach that will really show your interest.

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      Interview Advice

      Stand Out in Your Interview with Macildowie's Expert Advice

      So you’ve secured an interview, the easy part is over! Performing well in an interview can be tricky. The Macildowie team are here to help you stand out and do your very best. We can help you create that all-important good first impression.

      Find Your Consultant

      Prepared, Passion, and Personality

      One of the most common questions an interviewer will ask is why you’re there; why you want the job. You need to clearly articulate why you applied for the job, by explaining a bit of the job description and what you know about the company, such as its values.

      This research will let the interviewer know that you’ve thought about your application and that you’ve thoroughly prepared, which means that you want it. As well as this, passion can really get you far. Increasingly people are being hired for their character and personality rather than their skills on paper, so be enthusiastic.

      Here are some more key questions that you might get asked in an interview...

      • 'Tell me what you have done in your career to date'

        This question is asking you to talk through your CV, you should focus on talking through what you have done by giving specific examples, how you did it, who you worked with and what impact that had. Then use this experience to relate back to the job description and skills needed for the role you’re being interviewed for. This question will let the interviewer know if you have the skills needed.
      • 'Tell me where you see yourself in 3-5 years'

        The interviewer is asking you this question to see if their organisation will be able to let you grow and progress with them, this is an important question that varies with the job and sector. Our consultants will be able to help you come up with an appropriate answer based on your needs.

      • 'What are you like as a person?'

        You are being asked this question to see if you’d fit into the organisation and the team, they want to know if you have similar values. Some organisations may use a psychometric profiling tool to find this out and at Macildowie, we use ‘Thrive’ to get you prepared.

      • 'What do you know about our business?' and 'Do you have any questions for us?'

        These questions might look seemingly innocent, but they’re your opportunity to stand out from other candidates. Asking more questions is a ‘buying signal’ – it shows you’re interested and interviewers usually love that.

        Employers use these questions to see if your passion and preparation might set you apart from other candidates; it’s useful for them to use when they’re finding it hard to choose between candidates with the same ability.

      Assessment Centres

      Assessment centres are a common way for employers to evaluate potential employees. These centres focus on soft skills and assess how candidates work under pressure and in group settings. Attendees may be asked to participate in activities like presentations, role plays, and case studies, and may be subject to psychometric testing. These centres use a scientific approach to evaluate candidates and provide a structured method for employers to review applicants.

      More on Assessment Centres

      Unlock Your Potential with Thrive

      Thrive is an online psychometric assessment tool that enhances the chance of selection for recruitment agencies and candidates. It allows for a better understanding of motivations and personality traits so that you can make better-informed decisions about your career. We see ourselves as Career Consultants who aim to help you find a job you love and build a rewarding and successful career.

      More on the Thrive Assessment Tool

      Harnessing the Power of Psychometric Assessments to Improve Your Job Search

      Psychometric assessments are a popular tool used in recruitment processes to help employers understand more about potential candidates. Partnering with Thrive, we have been helping candidates assess their strengths and weaknesses, gain insights into their personality and motivations, and become more prepared for interviews. Our data suggests that taking a Thrive assessment increases the chances of getting an interview for the job and better communicating your personality to the interviewer.

      More on Psychometric Assessments

      LinkedIn Workshops

      Macildowie offers free monthly LinkedIn Workshops to help individuals enhance their online personal branding and utilize LinkedIn effectively for their job search. These workshops cater to all levels of social media expertise, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

      Participants will learn how to create a memorable LinkedIn profile, build a smart profile, and increase their impact. They will also gain insights into keyword scoring, boolean searching, and accessing job opportunities not posted on job boards. The workshops aim to develop participants' professional networks and connect them with like-minded individuals. Macildowie's goal is to maximize success in job hunting by guiding participants in optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to work in their favor.

      Check out our LinkedIn Workshops

      Personal Branding

      Discover the power of personal branding and take control of your online presence with Macildowie. In today's digital age, your social media accounts create an online footprint that defines your personal brand. With people being able to search, read, and form opinions about you, it's essential to create a professional digital footprint.

      Macildowie can guide you in developing a personal brand, helping you grow your network, and showcasing your expertise. Take the first step by evaluating your online presence and then updating your offline tools to align with your professional image. Don't miss the opportunity to make a lasting and positive impression on potential employers.

      Learn more about Personal Branding

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