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Our Candidate Pledge

Building great futures, one career and one team at a time

Our Vision

Our goal is to create the opportunities for you to build an amazing career.  If you’re a client then we help you build a successful team.  Either way ‘Building Great Futures’ is what we’re about. We pride ourselves on the values that make us who we are and how they support our candidates to succeed.

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Our Values

  • Courageous communication
  • Empowering people
  • Advantage through innovation
  • Collaborative success
  • Positive ambition

Matching Culture and Values with Your Dream Job

At Macs we’ll partner with you so you can realise your ambitions and can get the role you truly deserve, and one that you actually want. Our unique culture is such a big part of Macildowie, and we’ll work with you to find a company and team who’s culture matches your values. We’re passionate – we want to find you a job that enhances you so you’ll want to come back to us time and time again, maybe one day as a client! Our commitment to excellence underpins each of our values and everything we do here at Macs, if we’re not up to our standards, we want you to let us know.

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Our Values

The whole Macildowie team played a part in articulating our vision and mission but especially our values. We’re immensely proud of how the team has handled the extreme work challenges of the last few years and these values absolutely bottled what we see the team doing every day.

Commit To Excellence

We make the choice to be the best version of ourselves. We are proud of what we do. We focus on results and we are committed to the process. We are curious. We listen. We actively seek feedback and use it to raise the bar. We are always improving.

Find A Way

We are resourceful. We innovate to create solutions. We break down barriers to get the job done well. We are self-reliant but we build and maintain effective networks so we can ask for help and advice.

Be Accountable

We take responsibility for our own results, performance and personal development. We do what we say we will do. We act with integrity. We share the credit when it goes well and we look at ourselves first when it doesn't. We trust and are trusted.

One Team

We build trust. We challenge and inspire one another. We pull our own weight and more. To achieve our own success we will proactively help someone else get theirs first. We believe teamwork multiplies results and makes work fun.

Show Passion

We are professional but with personality. We believe in fearless consulting. If all else fails we resort to passion. We communicate courageously and courteously. We harness our expertise in what we do to engage, motivate and achieve results in a way we can be proud of.

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Our History

Our History

We’ve recruited in professional services for over 30 years and we’re proud of our track record of success.

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Established in 1993, Macildowie is a market leading recruitment firm. Our specialisms include: Finance, HR, Procurement & Supply Chain, Office & Commercial and Marketing roles in both private and public sectors and we have specialist teams at every level from Senior Executive to customer service and clerical roles.

Our Public Sector & Not For Profit division is a high performer on the key public sector frameworks and our growing Executive Search team provide a value add service with excellent local knowledge and relationships that competitors from elsewhere can’t match.

In 2020, following feedback from our client base, we expanded our offering to cover retention and outplacement services as well as a fully comprehensive outsourced recruitment and on-boarding solution (Macildowie RPO).

We’re proud to be an award winning business: • Named 'Best Large Recruitment Agency' in the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) 2018. • We have been placed in the top 100 'Sunday Times Best Small Companies To Work For' (now Best Companies) every time we have entered. Ranking at No8 in the UK most recently (2022) and achieving the highest 3 star status, every single time. • Shortlist in the Recruiter Awards 2016 for ongoing excellence regarding "Client Service"

In 2022 the Macildowie group acquired Signet Resources, based in Maidenhead.  Signet work very similar specialisms and their values closely aligned with Macildowie’s.

Our Clients

We work with a huge variety of companies, big and small and from all sectors. See a selection of them here.

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Our Aim is to:

  • Build trust and work in partnership with our clients
  • Deliver what we promise and focus on long term relationships
  • Fill jobs with the best candidates quickly
  • Save time and add value to your business

What does Partnership mean to us?

Building long term relationships,
not just focusing on the next fee.

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Macildowie Through The Years

In 1993 we were founded as Macildowie Davids and we incorporated as Macildowie Associates in 1997. In the next 30 years we successfully navigated the economic impact of the attack on the twin towers, the banking crisis, bird flu, the COVID Pandemic and others. We’ve learned that from adversity comes opportunity. We became the UK’s first “Recruitment and Retention” consultancy in 2020 and the resulting explosion of growth has created massive opportunity for our people.
  • 1993-1995

    2 employees

  • 1993-1995

    3 employees

  • 1995-2001

    c20 employees

  • 2001-2008

    c40 employees

  • 2008-2015

    c60 employees

  • 2015-2018

    c70 employees

  • 2018

    c75 employees

  • 2019+

    +3 employees

  • 2020+

    c80 employees

  • 2021+

    unlimited contributors

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About Us

We are one of the UK's leading independent recruitment businesses

At Macildowie, we have built our reputation as the go-to recruitment brand in the East Midlands, expanding into Milton Keynes and the Home Counties in 2015, and then London in 2021.

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Caring for Clients and Candidates - How Macildowie is Different

Over the years we have created an unrivalled Customer Value Proposition. We truly care for our clients and candidates and believe that we're different from other recruitment agencies, and many of our customers would also agree.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the service that we offer at Macildowie, developing strong, ongoing relationships with our clients and candidates ensuring they trust us to meet their needs. Our recruitment consultants are experts in the field, placing top talent and finding the perfect roles for our customers across numerous sectors.

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Recruitment Sectors

  • Accountancy and Finance 
  • Human Resources 
  • Sales 
  • Marketing 
  • Procurement 
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics 
  • Business and Operational Support
  • Public Sector and Not-for-Profit
  • Executive Search

How Macildowie can help you?

  • Provide access to LinkedIn workshops for both clients and candidates on how to improve your personal brand and network using Linkedin, and how to use Linkedin to Recruit for Free.

  • We use Thrive Psychometrics to highlight new talent based on their behavioural match to the culture of the recruiting company.

  • Our consultants are made up of a team of recruitment experts in temp, interim and permanent positions, who are here to support you through every recruitment need.

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The Right Fit: Macildowie's Recruiting Expertise

If you’re struggling to find relevant vacancies or appropriate talent, then we can provide effective and immediate solutions to your problems. At Macildowie, our level of service is exquisite and we work carefully and efficiently to find the right fit for you. Our unrivalled client portfolio, including companies like E.ON, Paul Smith, Vision Express, Capital One, Barclaycard, Coors, Next, and Boots, means candidates of the highest calibre come back to us time and time again.

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Our Approach

We take a customer-first and personal approach to our work and make sure we fully understand our clients' and candidates' needs, which led to our win at The National Online Recruitment Awards - we came first in the 'Best Large Recruitment Agency' category.

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Our People

Our people are at the centre of our brand values, culture, and Employee Value Proposition. Adopting this strategy has led us to receiving the highly coveted “Extraordinary” 3-star status on each of the six occasions that we have entered the Sunday Times Top Places to Work awards, as well as winning The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to work for 8 times!

“Our 2019 success led us to be the highest-ranked Nottinghamshire business and the highest-ranked recruitment agency in The East Midlands. We were also named the 3rd best company to work for in The Midlands in 2019.”

At Macildowie, we are committed to our people and our customers wholeheartedly. We make sure daily that Macildowie is a great place to work with highly-trained passionate staff who will support you through all your recruitment needs and do their utmost to exceed your expectations.

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Umbrella Partnerships

Umbrella Partnerships

Are you a temporary employee looking for an outstanding umbrella provider?

At Macildowie, we have a selection of Umbrella partnerships that have been chosen through a meticulous process and an in-depth compliance check. Our current approved Umbrella partners are The Parasol GroupThe Giant Group, and The Paystream Group. These providers are all members of the FCSA.

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Ensure You Find the Right Umbrella Company for Your Needs

We understand that when you’re busy working, it can be tricky to find an Umbrella company that you want to use. That’s why we review our Umbrella partners regularly, based on FCSA standards, compliance checks and our codes of best practice and we have the right to change them at our discretion. Please note that until our next review, Macildowie will not be engaging with other providers.

Here at Macildowie, we cannot provide help or guidance about working with an umbrella provider, if you’re looking for this it’s best to seek independent advice to find the right provider for your needs. We also do not endorse any of our Umbrella partners or the benefits of working with them; each candidate has their own choice in working with PAYE through these companies, PAYE directly through us or with their own Limited Company. Macildowie does not accept any responsibility for any damages if you choose a third party to work with.

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Our Umbrella Partners

To head to our approved Umbrella partner’s websites, click the logos below

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Qualifying Pension Scheme

Are you a temporary member of staff looking for a pension scheme that you will be automatically enrolled in?

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Automatic Enrolment for New Temps at Macildowie

Here at Macildowie, we offer a Qualifying Pension Scheme for temporary employees. This scheme is provided by Now Pensions and we’ll start contributing automatically after the 3-month postponement in line with the current pension legislation. Under this scheme, we’ll automatically enrol all new temporary staff so you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself.

How can our Qualifying Pension Scheme help you?

  • We’ll automatically enrol eligible workers on the scheme, we’re legally obliged to.
  • Whilst there is a 3-month postponement period for our contributions due to legislation, you can contribute before this if you wish.
  • If you already have a pension, you can still be enrolled to benefit from the scheme.
  • When you move jobs your Now Pension scheme contributions will be safe and you’ll automatically be enrolled on your new employer’s scheme; it’s an easy and straightforward process.

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Long-Term Financial Security for Temporary Staff with Qualifying Pension Scheme

As a temporary member of staff, it can be confusing to sort and ensure your pension, that’s why with our Qualifying Pension Scheme you’ll automatically be enrolled and start getting contributions once the 3-month postponement period is over. However, if you decide that the scheme is not for you, you can easily opt out within the first month, and you’ll even get your contributions refunded during this time. If you cease your membership after this period, no further contributions will be made from both yourself or your employer, but the current contributions will remain in the fund.

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Stress-Free Pension Set Up with Our Qualifying Pension Scheme

Our Qualifying Pension Scheme will ensure that you’ve got a Now Pension set up from the minute you start your temporary role, and the contributions will come accordingly. This means you don’t have to stress or worry about getting this important task done, we’ll do it automatically so you can start contributing straight away. Then, when you move on to your next role, your contributions will stay in the scheme and you’ll be auto-enrolled into your new employer’s pension scheme, it really is as easy as that.

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Limited Company Advice

Limited Company Advice

If you’re likely to be in a temporary position for an extended period of time, or be incurring expenses, it might be beneficial to you to set up a limited company. 

For information on this visit

Before you start your assignment, we will need you to submit the following to our accounts department:

  • your Limited Company details, 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance, 
  • Incorporation Certificate and 
  • VAT Registration.

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AWR Support

AWR Support

The regulations give Agency Workers the right to the same employment and working conditions that they would have enjoyed had they been directly employed by the hirer after 12 weeks in a given job.

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  • Who does it affect?

    All Agency Workers including those employed via umbrella companies or other intermediaries. Workers who are genuinely self employed are excluded.

  • What is equal treatment?

    This principle is based upon an agency worker being entitled to the same basic working and employment conditions as a comparable employee of the hirer after 12 weeks in the same job.

  • Can the qualifying period stop?

    A qualifying period will stop if there is a break, for a reason not included above, for more than 6 weeks between assignments. The qualifying period may also stop if an agency worker moves to a substantively different assignment.

  • I only work 3 days a week, how will the 12 week qualifying period work?

    The 12 week qualifying period is based upon calendar weeks irrespective of working patterns and the number of days worked each week. In this case, a 3 day week will contribute 1 week towards the 12 week qualifying period.

  • The site operates a local bonus scheme, am I entitled to this?

    Yes, under the regulations where there is a bonus scheme which relates to quality and / or quantity of work done then you are entitled to the same opportunity to achieve that bonus as a permanent employee in the same role.

  • From day one of my assignment as an agency worker, will I be entitled to apply for a permanent vacancy with hirer?

    Unless it is a company re-organisation, you will be entitled to access information about the role.

  • What holiday will I be entitled to?

    Upon completion of 12 calendar weeks within the same role with the same hirer, you will be entitled to the same amount of holiday entitlement as if you had been directly recruited directly by the hirer for the assignment.

  • When will I see a difference in pay?

    If there is an increase in pay it will be paid once you have worked in the same role with the same hirer for 12 calendar weeks.

  • If applicable, will I be entitled to receive any incremental increases in annual leave which are awarded for length of service?

    Yes, after completion of the 12 week qualifying period and subject to the agency worker meeting the qualifying criteria for the increase in annual leave i.e 1 year’s service.

  • Will I be entitled to the same incremental pay increases as a permanent worker?

    Yes, after completion of the 12 week qualifying period and subject to the agency worker meeting the qualifying criteria for the pay increase i.e 1 year’s service.

  • What will I be entitled to after 12 weeks?

    Please see below table that illustrates what is and isn’t included following the successful completion of a 12 week qualifying period:

    Basic pay  


    Local bonus schemes / commission structures based on quality or quantity of work done


    Overtime payment rates (provided qualifying criteria are met)


    Shift allowances   


    Monetary vouchers of fixed value


    Share scheme  


    Non local Profit sharing schemes (i.e. STIP)


    Occupational pension schemes


    Occupational maternity / paternity pay


    Occupational redundancy pay


    Benefits in kind


    Occupational sick pay


    Holiday entitlement


    Rest breaks / periods


    Paid time off for ante natal appointments



    Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but includes the key items.

  • Is the hirer pension plan included?

    It is not included.

  • Am I entitled to occupational sick pay?

    No, this is not included within the agency worker regulations. However, subject to the statutory qualifying criteria you may be entitled to statutory sick pay, which may be processed via Macildowie.

  • If the hiring manager/supervisor moves me from one role to another, what should I do?

    You will have an obligation to notify Macildowie as soon as possible about the change in role. Furthermore, if you take up any other assignment during your time with Macildowie with another agency, you will be required to keep us informed with these details.

    Failure to notify Macildowie of these changes may mean that previous weeks worked for the hirer are not counted towards the qualifying period and this will result in a delay in the agency worker receiving equal treatment.

  • If my assignment ends with one hirer and I accept a new assignment with another hirer, will I still be eligible for equal treatment?

    No, as this is a new hirer, then the qualifying period will start again.

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Line Up Your Next Assignment

Tell us when your assignment ends

Rather than waiting for your current temp/interim assignment to end and then calling a number of agencies to help you to find a suitable position, why not be proactive and tell us when your assignment is due to end and let us begin talking to our clients a few weeks before?


Proactive Staffing at Macildowie

At Macildowie, we prefer to be proactive on behalf of our candidates and limit the amount of time spent in a limbo period in between roles. We do all we can to ensure a seamless transition between temp and interim assignments.


How can Macildowie help?

  • Tell us in advance when your temp contract ends and we’ll find you suitable positions ready for you to apply.
  • We’ll find you roles that fit your long-term career goals and gives you the opportunities to constantly develop your skills.
  • Throughout the process, we’ll be in constant communication with you, keeping you up-to-date on all developments.
  • We’ll take the stress away from worrying about your next job in between roles.
  • We’ll help you build your network of contacts within your industry.

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Worried about being in between roles?

Don’t worry! Let us know when your temp contract ends and we’ll find appropriate roles ready for you to ensure a smooth transition.

*Line up my next assignment*

Can’t find temp vacancies?

Our jobs board could have your next temp position but let us do the work for you and our consultants can find you the right one ready for when your contract ends.

At Macildowie, we can help reduce the stress and interim periods in between temporary roles by doing the searching for you while you’re still finishing your contract. We’ll start talking to clients a few weeks before to get roles perfect for your levels of skill and experience in line for you to apply for after your current position. Sound good?

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Current Temp Advice

Current Temp Advice

Are you currently a temp looking for a recruitment agency that fully supports you and gives you the best advice?

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Get Expert Advice on Your Temporary Role with Macildowie

Here at Macildowie, we’re here to do exactly that, our experienced consultants will use their expertise to ensure you’re getting the most out of your temporary role, and that you’ve got your next role and you’re set up well for it. Our temp advice covers a broad range of crucial areas, such as frequently asked questions and the ever-confusing time sheets, even our Now Pensions scheme and it allows us to be proactive in finding your next role so you have seamless transitions. Our advice is centred around the aspects of temp work that really matter to you.

Find your Consultant

How can our temp advice services help you?

  • We want you to tell us when your assignment ends so our consultants can get you a new role ready for that date.

  • Our experienced team can help you bridge the gap between permanent roles.

  • We’ll speak to clients weeks in advance so your next temp role is one that you love.

  • Our timesheet approval system is an online portal so it couldn’t be easier for you to submit.

  • We’ll automatically enrol you into Now Pensions, so you're earning money for your pension as quickly as possible.

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Overcome Uncertainty and Instability with Macildowie

We realise that during temporary roles there can be a lot of instability and uncertainty. At Macildowie, the aim of our advice is to eliminate that; we’ll talk to clients weeks in advance so you’ve got your next role lined up, and you’ll be automatically enrolled into our pension scheme so you can start building on your future straight away.

We understand that at times, it can feel that as a temporary member of staff, you aren’t getting the specialist care and help that you deserve, that’s why at Macildowie we have a dedicated accounts and payroll department just for our temporary and interim candidates, so we get it right for you when it really matters.

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Get the Most Out of Your Temp Role with Macidowie

Here at Macidowie, we’re dedicated to providing our temporary clients with the best possible advice, support and guidance so you become a success. From easy time sheet submissions, and consistent yet clear payslips and payroll, to an automatically enrolled pension that you can opt out of should you wish, we’re here to ensure each temp role you get is purposeful and puts your career in the right direction.

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Line Up Your Next Assignment

Macildowie's Proactive Staffing service is the perfect solution for those worried about being in between temp roles. By giving us advance notice of when your temp contract is due to end, we can take the stress away from worrying about your next job and start finding you suitable positions, perfect for your skill and experience level. We can also help you build your network of contacts and keep you up-to-date on all developments.

Line Up Your Next Assignment

Submitting Timesheets

We offer a reliable and committed recruitment service to our candidates. Our consultants are experts in all things temp and interim, including pay and holidays and can advise on how to gain experience and skills across different sectors. Our dedicated payroll team ensures you get paid correctly every time and our online timesheet portal makes submitting timesheets hassle-free.

Payments for temp staff are sent out by payroll every Wednesday and clear bank accounts on Fridays. With Macildowie, you can trust our recruitment consultants to make perfect hiring matches and ensure a smooth transition between roles.

Learn More about Submitting Timesheets

Qualifying Pension Scheme

Macildowie offers temporary members of staff a Qualifying Pension Scheme that is provided by Now Pensions. This scheme will automatically enrol all new temporary staff after a 3-month postponement period, and will provide them with long-term financial security and a stress-free pension set up. Current contributions will remain in the fund even after they cease their membership, and they will be automatically enrolled in their new employer's pension scheme when they move jobs.

Learn more about our Qualifying Pension Scheme

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