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Carbon Reporting and Reduction Plan


Macildowie Associates Ltd has committed to reducing its carbon emission to Net Zero by 2030 using, as far as possible, direct reduction and offsetting the remainder.

We do this because we are conscious of the environmental, social and economic imperative to act on climate change.

The UK Government amended the Climate Change Act 2008 in 2019 by introducing a target of at least 100% reduction in the net UK carbon account (i.e. a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to 1990 levels) by 2050. As a result, Central Government Departments, their Executive Agencies and Non-Departmental Public Bodies are required to ensure that suppliers to contracts with an annual value of in excess of £5 million (excluding VAT) per year are committed to achieving “Net Zero by 2050” for all procurements after 30th September 2021. 

This has led to PPN 06/21 which applies to all new procurements from this date and this includes framework call-offs and Dynamic Purchasing Systems where the anticipated individual value of the call-off or DPS is £5 million (excluding VAT) per annum or more. To demonstrate compliance, we have set out our environmental management measures in our Carbon Reduction Plan which includes:

  • Confirming our commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2030 for our UK operations.
  • Details of our carbon footprint/current emissions for the sources included in Scope 1 and 2 of the GHG Protocol and a defined subset of Scope 3 emissions.
  • Providing emissions reporting of the CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) for the greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol (predominantly carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide).
  • Setting out the environmental management measures we have adopted including specific carbon reduction measures.
  • Publication of our Carbon Reduction Plan on our website.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions Definitions

Scope 1 Direct Emissions - these are direct greenhouse gas emissions that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by us (e.g. emissions from boilers, vehicles etc).

Scope 2 Energy Indirect Emissions - these are indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated from the purchase of electricity, heating or cooling and are measured and reported in alignment with our energy use.

Scope 3 Other Indirect Emissions - these fall into 15 categories and include all sources not specified within Scopes 1 and 2 above. The Scope 3 emissions that we are required to report on are:

  • “Upstream” transportation and distribution of products purchased by us from Tier 1 suppliers (e.g. paper, computers, office consumables).
  • Disposal and treatment of waste generated in facilities not owned or controlled by us.
  • Transportation of employees for business related activities in vehicles not owned or operated by us.
  • Transportation of employees between home and work in vehicles not owned or operated by us including in their own vehicles.
  • “Downstream” transportation and distribution of products sold by us including retail and storage. This category is not applicable as Macildowie is a service business and does not produce, transport or distribute products.

Carbon impact for the baseline year 21-22

The tables below show our carbon footprint in our baseline year May 2021 – April 2022 when we first started measuring our emissions.
Baseline Year: May 2021 to April 2022
Baseline Emissions Calculations: All Scope – tonnes CO2e/ year
Scope 1 CO2e: 2.302 t
Scope 2 CO2e: 2.010 t
Scope 3 CO2e (included sources): 38.385 t
Total Emissions: 42.697 t

Carbon emissions by source

Total Carbon by Source tonnes net / year

Electricity 1.944
Gas 2.302
Water 0.066
Waste 0.335
Business travel 3.624
Commuting 33.391
Office supplies 1.035
Total 42.697

Carbon emissions by site

Total Carbon by Source tonnes net / year

Nottingham Leicester
Electricity 0.00 1.944
Gas 0.00 2.302
Water 0.038 0.027
Waste 0.210 0.126
Business travel 2.537 1.087
Commuting 22.413 10.978
Office supplies 0.694 0.340
Total 25.892 16.804

Carbon impact for the baseline year 22-23

The tables below show our carbon footprint in our current reporting year May 2022 – April 2023

Current Year: May 2022 to April 2023
Emissions Calculations: All Scope – tonnes CO2e/ year
Scope 1 CO2e: 3.391 t
Scope 2 CO2e: 2.082 t
Scope 3 CO2e (included sources): 44.992 t
Total Emissions: 50.466 t

Carbon emissions by source

Total Carbon by Source tonnes net / year

Electricity 2.082
Gas 3.391
Water 0.066
Waste 0.335
Business travel 3.624
Commuting 39.932
Office supplies 1.035
Total 50.466

Carbon emissions by site

Total Carbon by Source tonnes net / year

Source Nottingham Leicester












Business travel






Office supplies






Comparison of the current year against the baseline year

Total Carobon by Source Baseline 2021-22 Current Yr 2022-23 % change

















Business Travel








Office Supplies




Title Text 1 Text 2 Text 3
Floor area m2

0.0625 t /sq.m

0.0734 t/sq.m

73 0.583 t / employee 0.731 t/employee


For the current reporting year, our overall emissions have increased by 18% over our baseline year, the most significant increases coming from increased gas consumption at the Leicester office, and increased commuting car travel.

Our carbon intensity has also increased – the carbon emission per employee and per square metre of floor space.

The most likely reason for these increases is due to the fact that the baseline period, 2021-22 was still affected by Covid-19, and consequently, staff home-working was more prevalent then, with less commuting. Also, office occupancy was lower, hence lower gas consumption on that period.

Initial Carbon Assessment Observations

Macildowie operates from two offices, in Nottingham and in Leicester. The following observations were made by an external assessor on July the 13th 2022.

The Nottingham office is electrically heated via both a whole building air handling system, and some stand-alone air handling units. Electricity is supplied by a local Energy Supply Company, generated form a waste incinerator. Because this is not fossil fuel based, it is considered 100% carbon free. This is clearly to Macildowie’s benefit, and is the reason that this office has a much lower carbon footprint in respect of energy than Leicester, which uses grid supplied electricity and natural gas for heating. 

The HVAC system in Nottingham has known control issues, resulting from two separate systems being used, which may well be working against each other at times resulting in either over cooling or over heating.

Lighting was observed to be on in unoccupied meeting rooms in Nottingham. Otherwise, that office has reasonably good zone controls and some proximity controlled lighting.

Computers are left on stand-by rather then being shut down when not in use, whilst a software problem is resolved.

Neither Nottingham nor Leicester use LED lighting.

Leicester’s heating is controlled by a 7 day programmer. This may not be programmed for the most efficient regime.

Electricity and Gas bills at Leicester are shared and split 50/50 with the downstairs office. This does not provide the most reliable basis for data analysis.

Carbon Reduction Commitments /Actions

Macildowie is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030 and as part of this commitment, has an interim targets of reducing emissions by 2025. This plan is reviewed annually by the Directors to check progress and establish if changes should be made to the actions we have in place to maximise our reduction in carbon emissions.

The basis of our Carbon strategy is one of Measure – Prioritise – Act – Measure – Repeat.


We report on the sources of environmental impact over which we have operational control and calculate our carbon footprint monthly, in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocols Corporate Standard and report against the Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gasses in terms of:

  • Actual targets – absolute reduction targets which compare actual figures in the target year to those in the base year.
  • Intensity targets – based on a normalising factor.

We subscribe to a third party service to manage our data inputs, conduct the required calculations, set and record our intensity metrics, and provide quarterly carbon reporting. The data that sits behind this is the UK Government Greenhouse Gas reporting database, updated when appropriate.

This provides us with our emissions by source, and total emissions by quarter, sets our intensity metrics and shows how we are tracking quarter-on-quarter.

Our chosen intensity metrics are t/CO2 per m2 floor area and per employee.

For the baseline year therefore, our intensity metrics are:

Unit Intensity tonne CO2 net
Floor area m2
687 0.062 t /sq.m
73 0.583 t / employee

Our base year for all measurements is May 21 to April 22. This will not change unless there is a significant change to our company structure (e.g. a merger or acquisition) or a change in the company’s ownership, in which case the base year may move to the reporting year following the structural change.

Specific inputs and output used to calculate figures quoted in our Carbon Reduction Plan include:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Solid waste
  • Employee commuter mileage by type – walk / cycle / motorcycle / car / bus / train
  • Business travel by private car / bus / rail


Our monthly carbon calculation has enabled us to identify the largest sources of GHG emissions, and to focus our areas of impact. That does not imply however that we are not implementing actions across the board. We have been able to identify quick and easy wins which relate to relatively low impact areas whilst also implementing longer term multi-facet strategies for the larger emission areas.

Action Plan


We have successfully communicated our Net Zero ambitions across our workforce, and have formed an employee task force. This task force is charged with identifying where our staff can affect carbon reductions through behaviour change.

We will report our carbon emissions and progress against target to our employees monthly, via a display at both our offices.

We have developed a communication plan which describes our ambitions and commitments to our key customers and suppliers, and in our general communications.


  1. Seek expert controls specialist advice on how to optimise the operation of the two HVAC systems at the Nottingham office, such as to maximise their efficient use. Note that as power for Nottingham is from a renewable source, this will no impact carbon, but it should yield financial savings.
  2. Lighting use – For both offices, conduct an ongoing campaign to encourage users to turn off lights when not required or rooms are not in use. Otherwise, install further proximity controls or timers to lighting. 
  3. Lighting type – Make it policy to only replace failed units with the lowest energy types available, currently LED.
  4. IT equipment - make it policy that all IT equipment is turned off (not stand-by) when not in use – lunchbreaks, meetings and out of hours. Otherwise, configure the technology to do this automatically. Noted that some software platforms may not be compatible at present with this policy.
  5. Electricity Supply – for Leicester, switch to an electricity supplier offering a 100% renewable tariff. This should not incur any cost penalty, but noted that there is significant flux in the power market at present. Note also that this would either also require the same commitment from the neighbouring downstairs office, or the installation of a separate supply meter.


Heating Control – Ensure that the heating control periods and temperatures are set correctly and not providing too much heat, or heat when the office is unoccupied.


Emissions from incoming water and disposal are minimal. Nevertheless, it is a business cost which can be reduced through a behaviour change programme to minimise wastage, and where applicable, through technology i.e. using low flush toilet cisterns if not already in use.


This is another low impact area, which will arise primarily from waste paper and card. A behaviour change programme to reuse paper, print on both sides, only print when necessary will not only reduce the waste disposal emission, but the external emission associates with paper production and printing.

Business Travel

  1. Encourage the use of public transport where physical meetings are necessary. Otherwise, further encourage video conferencing.
  2. A stronger approach than simple encouragement is to require employees to justify why they need to use a car for a business trip if a viable public transport option is available. This requires staff and management time to implement and enforce, but it will yield results, and engrain carbon impacts into people’s thinking.
  3. Consider the purchase / lease of a number of fully electric ‘pool’ cars for business use.


How employees travel to work is Scope 3 emission, meaning that it is outside the direct control of the business. Scope 3 emission reporting is mandatory under the new Government Agency procurement requirements.

For Macildowie, commuting represents by far the greatest carbon impact, even considering the that on average, employees work at home for three days out of five.

  1. Implement a Cycle-to-Work scheme. This is a tax incentive for employees to purchase new bicycles for commuting purposes. The cycles are bought and owned by the business, and their cost is offset against the employees Gross pay. Safety equipment, luggage carriers and wet weather clothing can also be included. Commuting by bike is perfectly safe, and easily achievable for journeys up to ten miles. The company will need to consider the provision of safe and secure cycle storage, and maybe the provision of showers and changing facilities.
  2. Active travel – cycling or walking - has multiple physical and mental health benefits. Regular active travel commuters are more productive, happier, and have fewer absences. The company should promote these health benefits, and establish an active travel culture amongst employees. Establishing peer support where, for example, established riders support new riders, have optional competitive elements – fastest average walking or cycling speed, or most miles travelling in a week, the setting of personal targets etc all help embed the culture.
  3. Car Sharing – The establishment of a car sharing scheme, whilst it can be time consuming to establish, will yield significant reductions in overall car travel. There can be reluctance, but even of only a few employees partake, combined with these other elements, significant carbon emissions can be achieved.
  4. Electric Car Leasing for employees might be considered, particularly for employees who also travel for business purposes. There are various tax implications for the business and employees however which need to be considered on an individual basis. Note also that the lead times on many electric vehicles are currently very long.

Office Consumables

We have considered paper and printer cartridges here as the primary measurable consumables for the type of activity conducted at Macildowie.

  1. Use only recycled paper, and ask employees to only print when absolutely necessary, to print on two sides.
  2. Ink cartridges have a surprisingly high carbon footprint. Their impact can be minimised by ensuring that empty cartridges are returned to a specialist recycler, rather than disposed into general waste, and that trials be run to assess whether third party second use cartridges may be suitable. Note that their performance and compatibility can be patchy, but that the market is well served.

Carbon Reduction Trajectory

We have set emission reduction targets by source as percentage reductions against the baseline year for 2025 as an interim, and 2030 as achieving Net Zero (with offsetting in place).
T Carbon net / year Baseline Carbon 2021/2 % reduction against baseline by 2025 Target Carbon 2025 % reduction against baseline, by 2030 Target Carbon 2030
1.944 100% 0.00 100% 0.00
2.302 5% 2.187 10% 2.072
0.066 5% 0.062 5% 0.062
0.335 10% 0.302 15% 0.285
Business travel
3.624 25% 2.718 50% 1.812
33.391 30% 23.373 75% 8.348
Office supplies
1.035 10% 0.932 15% 0.880
42.696 29.574 13.459
Therefore, by 2030, according to this trajectory, we will have made real world carbon reductions of 69%, with the remaining Carbon footprint to offset 13.459 t / year.


Whilst not compulsory, we have committed to an annual audit of our carbon data reporting, by an independent third party.


Offsetting the emissions that we can’t mitigate will become part of our strategy, but only at the point that we’ve implemented all of the possible behavioural, process and technology changes.

Carbon offsetting is an unregulated market, and has suffered some negative publicity due to exaggerated claims on carbon savings. We also note that the UK market has little capacity at present.

We will take expert guidance to identify a credible and verifiable carbon offsetting scheme, that may be UK or Overseas based.


This Carbon Reduction Plan has been completed in accordance with PPN 06/21 and associated guidance.

Emissions have been reported and recorded in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans, the GHG Reporting Protocol Corporate Standard and we use the appropriate Government emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting.

Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions have been reported in accordance with SECR requirements and the required subset of Scope 3 emissions have been reported in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard.

We confirm this Carbon Reduction Plan is reviewed and signed off at board level on an annual basis and is available on the home page of our website.

James Stewart, Chief Operating Officer

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Our History

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Established in 1993, Macildowie is a market leading recruitment firm. Our specialisms include: Finance, HR, Procurement & Supply Chain, Office & Commercial and Marketing roles in both private and public sectors and we have specialist teams at every level from Senior Executive to customer service and clerical roles.

Our Public Sector & Not For Profit division is a high performer on the key public sector frameworks and our growing Executive Search team provide a value add service with excellent local knowledge and relationships that competitors from elsewhere can’t match.

In 2020, following feedback from our client base, we expanded our offering to cover retention and outplacement services as well as a fully comprehensive outsourced recruitment and on-boarding solution (Macildowie RPO).

We’re proud to be an award winning business: • Named 'Best Large Recruitment Agency' in the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) 2018. • We have been placed in the top 100 'Sunday Times Best Small Companies To Work For' (now Best Companies) every time we have entered. Ranking at No8 in the UK most recently (2022) and achieving the highest 3 star status, every single time. • Shortlist in the Recruiter Awards 2016 for ongoing excellence regarding "Client Service"

In 2022 the Macildowie group acquired Signet Resources, based in Maidenhead.  Signet work very similar specialisms and their values closely aligned with Macildowie’s.

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Macildowie Through The Years

In 1993 we were founded as Macildowie Davids and we incorporated as Macildowie Associates in 1997. In the next 30 years we successfully navigated the economic impact of the attack on the twin towers, the banking crisis, bird flu, the COVID Pandemic and others. We’ve learned that from adversity comes opportunity. We became the UK’s first “Recruitment and Retention” consultancy in 2020 and the resulting explosion of growth has created massive opportunity for our people.
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We pride ourselves on the quality of the service that we offer at Macildowie, developing strong, ongoing relationships with our clients and candidates ensuring they trust us to meet their needs. Our recruitment consultants are experts in the field, placing top talent and finding the perfect roles for our customers across numerous sectors.

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  • Provide access to LinkedIn workshops for both clients and candidates on how to improve your personal brand and network using Linkedin, and how to use Linkedin to Recruit for Free.

  • We use Thrive Psychometrics to highlight new talent based on their behavioural match to the culture of the recruiting company.

  • Our consultants are made up of a team of recruitment experts in temp, interim and permanent positions, who are here to support you through every recruitment need.

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“Our 2019 success led us to be the highest-ranked Nottinghamshire business and the highest-ranked recruitment agency in The East Midlands. We were also named the 3rd best company to work for in The Midlands in 2019.”

At Macildowie, we are committed to our people and our customers wholeheartedly. We make sure daily that Macildowie is a great place to work with highly-trained passionate staff who will support you through all your recruitment needs and do their utmost to exceed your expectations.

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Umbrella Partnerships

Umbrella Partnerships

Are you a temporary employee looking for an outstanding umbrella provider?

At Macildowie, we have a selection of Umbrella partnerships that have been chosen through a meticulous process and an in-depth compliance check. Our current approved Umbrella partners are The Parasol GroupThe Giant Group, and The Paystream Group. These providers are all members of the FCSA.

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Ensure You Find the Right Umbrella Company for Your Needs

We understand that when you’re busy working, it can be tricky to find an Umbrella company that you want to use. That’s why we review our Umbrella partners regularly, based on FCSA standards, compliance checks and our codes of best practice and we have the right to change them at our discretion. Please note that until our next review, Macildowie will not be engaging with other providers.

Here at Macildowie, we cannot provide help or guidance about working with an umbrella provider, if you’re looking for this it’s best to seek independent advice to find the right provider for your needs. We also do not endorse any of our Umbrella partners or the benefits of working with them; each candidate has their own choice in working with PAYE through these companies, PAYE directly through us or with their own Limited Company. Macildowie does not accept any responsibility for any damages if you choose a third party to work with.

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Qualifying Pension Scheme

Are you a temporary member of staff looking for a pension scheme that you will be automatically enrolled in?

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Automatic Enrolment for New Temps at Macildowie

Here at Macildowie, we offer a Qualifying Pension Scheme for temporary employees. This scheme is provided by Now Pensions and we’ll start contributing automatically after the 3-month postponement in line with the current pension legislation. Under this scheme, we’ll automatically enrol all new temporary staff so you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself.

How can our Qualifying Pension Scheme help you?

  • We’ll automatically enrol eligible workers on the scheme, we’re legally obliged to.
  • Whilst there is a 3-month postponement period for our contributions due to legislation, you can contribute before this if you wish.
  • If you already have a pension, you can still be enrolled to benefit from the scheme.
  • When you move jobs your Now Pension scheme contributions will be safe and you’ll automatically be enrolled on your new employer’s scheme; it’s an easy and straightforward process.

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Long-Term Financial Security for Temporary Staff with Qualifying Pension Scheme

As a temporary member of staff, it can be confusing to sort and ensure your pension, that’s why with our Qualifying Pension Scheme you’ll automatically be enrolled and start getting contributions once the 3-month postponement period is over. However, if you decide that the scheme is not for you, you can easily opt out within the first month, and you’ll even get your contributions refunded during this time. If you cease your membership after this period, no further contributions will be made from both yourself or your employer, but the current contributions will remain in the fund.

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Stress-Free Pension Set Up with Our Qualifying Pension Scheme

Our Qualifying Pension Scheme will ensure that you’ve got a Now Pension set up from the minute you start your temporary role, and the contributions will come accordingly. This means you don’t have to stress or worry about getting this important task done, we’ll do it automatically so you can start contributing straight away. Then, when you move on to your next role, your contributions will stay in the scheme and you’ll be auto-enrolled into your new employer’s pension scheme, it really is as easy as that.

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Limited Company Advice

Limited Company Advice

If you’re likely to be in a temporary position for an extended period of time, or be incurring expenses, it might be beneficial to you to set up a limited company. 

For information on this visit

Before you start your assignment, we will need you to submit the following to our accounts department:

  • your Limited Company details, 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance, 
  • Incorporation Certificate and 
  • VAT Registration.

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AWR Support

AWR Support

The regulations give Agency Workers the right to the same employment and working conditions that they would have enjoyed had they been directly employed by the hirer after 12 weeks in a given job.

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  • Who does it affect?

    All Agency Workers including those employed via umbrella companies or other intermediaries. Workers who are genuinely self employed are excluded.

  • What is equal treatment?

    This principle is based upon an agency worker being entitled to the same basic working and employment conditions as a comparable employee of the hirer after 12 weeks in the same job.

  • Can the qualifying period stop?

    A qualifying period will stop if there is a break, for a reason not included above, for more than 6 weeks between assignments. The qualifying period may also stop if an agency worker moves to a substantively different assignment.

  • I only work 3 days a week, how will the 12 week qualifying period work?

    The 12 week qualifying period is based upon calendar weeks irrespective of working patterns and the number of days worked each week. In this case, a 3 day week will contribute 1 week towards the 12 week qualifying period.

  • The site operates a local bonus scheme, am I entitled to this?

    Yes, under the regulations where there is a bonus scheme which relates to quality and / or quantity of work done then you are entitled to the same opportunity to achieve that bonus as a permanent employee in the same role.

  • From day one of my assignment as an agency worker, will I be entitled to apply for a permanent vacancy with hirer?

    Unless it is a company re-organisation, you will be entitled to access information about the role.

  • What holiday will I be entitled to?

    Upon completion of 12 calendar weeks within the same role with the same hirer, you will be entitled to the same amount of holiday entitlement as if you had been directly recruited directly by the hirer for the assignment.

  • When will I see a difference in pay?

    If there is an increase in pay it will be paid once you have worked in the same role with the same hirer for 12 calendar weeks.

  • If applicable, will I be entitled to receive any incremental increases in annual leave which are awarded for length of service?

    Yes, after completion of the 12 week qualifying period and subject to the agency worker meeting the qualifying criteria for the increase in annual leave i.e 1 year’s service.

  • Will I be entitled to the same incremental pay increases as a permanent worker?

    Yes, after completion of the 12 week qualifying period and subject to the agency worker meeting the qualifying criteria for the pay increase i.e 1 year’s service.

  • What will I be entitled to after 12 weeks?

    Please see below table that illustrates what is and isn’t included following the successful completion of a 12 week qualifying period:

    Basic pay  


    Local bonus schemes / commission structures based on quality or quantity of work done


    Overtime payment rates (provided qualifying criteria are met)


    Shift allowances   


    Monetary vouchers of fixed value


    Share scheme  


    Non local Profit sharing schemes (i.e. STIP)


    Occupational pension schemes


    Occupational maternity / paternity pay


    Occupational redundancy pay


    Benefits in kind


    Occupational sick pay


    Holiday entitlement


    Rest breaks / periods


    Paid time off for ante natal appointments



    Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but includes the key items.

  • Is the hirer pension plan included?

    It is not included.

  • Am I entitled to occupational sick pay?

    No, this is not included within the agency worker regulations. However, subject to the statutory qualifying criteria you may be entitled to statutory sick pay, which may be processed via Macildowie.

  • If the hiring manager/supervisor moves me from one role to another, what should I do?

    You will have an obligation to notify Macildowie as soon as possible about the change in role. Furthermore, if you take up any other assignment during your time with Macildowie with another agency, you will be required to keep us informed with these details.

    Failure to notify Macildowie of these changes may mean that previous weeks worked for the hirer are not counted towards the qualifying period and this will result in a delay in the agency worker receiving equal treatment.

  • If my assignment ends with one hirer and I accept a new assignment with another hirer, will I still be eligible for equal treatment?

    No, as this is a new hirer, then the qualifying period will start again.

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