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Maximize Your LinkedIn Success

Improve your online personal branding and job search with Macildowie's free LinkedIn Workshops. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our workshops will guide you in enhancing your LinkedIn profile, making it more memorable and increasing your chances of getting hired. You'll learn the benefits of building a smart profile, increasing visibility, and how to use the platform as a mini-CRM system. Sign up for our next workshop and take the first step towards maximizing your LinkedIn success.

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Creating a Memorable and Positive Online Personal Brand

At Macildowie, we encourage candidates to create a professional digital footprint and personal brand to increase their chances of being hired. Our experienced consultants can guide you through the process of developing your personal brand, building your network of contacts, and making yourself more desirable to hiring managers and employment opportunities. We'll help you evaluate your current online presence and update your offline tools like your CV and cover letter to align with your personal brand. Take control of your online reputation and increase your chances of being hired with Macildowie.

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Write a Standout CV (CV Advice)

Learn How to Write a Standout CV with Macildowie

Your CV is usually the first thing your potential employer will see and it has one key job – to secure you that all-important interview. Therefore, it’s important that you get it right; it’s your marketing campaign and it needs to promote you and your skills in an attractive and professional way. This vital initial stage of applying for jobs needs to be done carefully, we’re here to help you do that. Taking the time to get it right is vital, here are our best CV tips and advice based on feedback from our clients.

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Personal Information

Your personal details should be kept simple, this section shouldn’t take up much room; just write your name, phone number and email address. You could also add your LinkedIn profile, as long as it’s up to date, promoting you, but any other personal details should not be included.


The key parts to this section are each of your qualifications, your school, college or university and the dates you were there. Your most recent qualifications should be written first, with the most detail, such as your degree, but your GCSEs can just be a more general list of grades. It can be useful to mention when you’re expecting to get your next qualifications if you are only part-way through.

Experience & Achievements

Clarity and brevity are key here so bullet points are a great way to lay out this section. You should note your work history, including any placements and voluntary work, along with a short but effective summary of what you did to demonstrate your strengths, this should mention your key skills, responsibilities and achievements.

Your Macildowie consultant will help you work through how to discuss your key achievements – these are critical as they are the part of your CV that can truly differentiate you from other people with the same background and experience.


This is the section where you can expand on some of the points you’ve talked about in your work section, be specific! Maybe you’ve worked on an exciting project, been on a certain course or had some specialist training, this is the place to put it.


This slightly more informal section can be used to share a little bit about yourself. Try and link these to useful skills. You never know, you might have something in common with your interviewer!

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Additional Thoughts

  • Remember that your CV should be tailored for every application, so use the keywords and phrases from the job description. You want to show the company that you’re matching what they’re looking for, make it obvious to them!
  • Make sure the layout is appropriate, this varies depending on the role and sector but it should always look professional. Make use of bullet points!
  • Don’t make it too long! Aim for no more than three sides of A4 in a clear font such as Times New Roman, never use any font size smaller than 11, it needs to be easy to read.
  • Double and triple-check it, a CV with spelling and grammar mistakes will not go down well.

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Job Application Support

Your Partner for a Successful Job Application

Applying for a job is a big task, one that can be hard to get right if you don’t know how to truly excel. Macildowie is here to help you do this, our expert insights and advice can help you have a successful application, one that gets you to interview and ultimately the job!

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Maximizing Your Success

We can help you learn exactly what each company is looking for in terms of skills, experience, attitude and behaviours. Macildowie can support you each step of the way, from preparation to execution, we want to help you succeed!

Expert Support for CV Writing

Tailoring your CV for a role is hard without support. Our consultants provide the experienced second pair of eyes you need to make sure the CV presents you as well as it can. Our team know the CV has 1 job to do and that's to get you an interview. We will be laser focused on making sure that's what it does.

CV Advice

Unparalleled Interview Support

Our consultants will thoroughly prepare you for interviews. They have the inside track on what clients like and a reservoir of knowledge of the best techniques, the types of questions you’ll be asked, and how you should conduct yourself. You'll get their support to perform to your best and make sure you go in to the interview feeling confident.

Interview Advice

Find a job you love!

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Honest Communication and Detailed Feedback

For each role you apply or interview for, our team will seek detailed feedback from the interviewer. Our consultants will pass this on to you, even when it’s difficult to hear, along with our expert advice on how to improve so that we can help make your next application or interview successful.

Juggling multiple jobs

We’ll also assist you in applying for a number of roles at the same time, managing communications so the process goes as smoothly as possible, every party is informed every step of the way and so you get the support that you deserve.

Dedicated Consultants for Your Job Search

Our style of communication is courageous; we are always honest and approachable, and we will do exactly what we say, giving you detailed feedback, even when it’s not what you’d like to hear. We also love to empower people, we’ll help you find a role that will allow you to grow, and we will always have an advantage through our innovation; our insights and tools will ensure we always make you your very best.

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Embracing Your Positive Ambition

Our team will ensure you can be collaboratively successful too, we want to find you a job where your employer can help you achieve your ambitions, and this positive ambition is what we embrace fully, we'd love to welcome you back, maybe one day as a client!

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Salary Checker

Benchmark Your Role with our Salary Checker

When applying for a job, it’s important to ensure that the salary matches your expectations, experience and skillset. It’s also important to take into account the state of the market. In a candidate short market there is likely to be a higher demand for your skills, we can help you ensure that your salary matches what you offer an employer.

Benchmark your current salary package

Expert Assistance

Our expert consultants can help you find out what sort of salary you could achieve in the roles you apply for, by comparing it to current activity in your sector. This means you can ensure you’re applying for roles that are the best fit for you and your skills and that your pay reflects this. Get in touch with our team for a private and confidential conversation about your salary, they’ll be more than happy to check and discuss your options and future opportunities so your career is heading in the right direction.

Market Insights on Salary

It can also be useful to find out where your current salary is compared to the wider market. Our Market Insights info will help you to see if you’d rather progress and stay with the same company or group for a few more years, or move to a new one. Sometimes what you find out will change your opinion on which roles you want to apply for. Again, our experts can advise you on this.

It’s always in our interests to do what’s best for you so you will recommend us to your friends and colleagues. We also want to make sure you think of us first when recruiting for your own team. So we will do everything we can to get you the right role, whether that means changing plans and trying a different route or staying put for now.

Finding the Best Fit for Your Skills and Needs

Salary and benefits aren’t everything when looking at what you want from a new job but they’re always a factor. Here at Macildowie, we want to work with candidates to ensure they get the job of their dreams, in a company with the right culture and the right progression opportunities as well as great salary and benefits. By benchmarking your skills and experience, and comparing them to the market, we can find jobs for you that match or exceed your expectations. We’re here to ensure the job you get is the best role for your needs and we want to get every single one right.

Benchmark your current salary package

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