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Meet our consultants

Neale - Recruitment Consultant

'My favourite thing about working at Macildowie is the environment and the people – everyone’s really easy to get on with'

'I think the career path is pretty well defined and communicated clearly to us. There's a Management or Business Development path – I know already that I’d like to go down the management route – I like working with closely with people.' 

Maz - Recruitment Consultant

'I worked in recruitment previously,  but this is the first kind of 360 position I have done, so it’s the first time I’ve had to do the business development side as well as having to do the resourcing side. For me, it was almost like a new position within recruitment.' 

'A highlight for me has been going to Vegas, I managed to get my Vegas target in 9 months, which apparently hasn’t been done before. So coming in as a trainee and hitting my vegas target in the first 9 months, on a new desk which I knew nothing about is a massive achievement. The highlight is being rewarded with the Vegas trip and going there with senior members in the team.'

Jodie - Senior Consultant

'I've worked here just over a year. I'm loving it, it’s great. I came from another recruitment agency and it’s totally different here. It’s a lot more family orientated a really supportive environment.'

'The best part of working for Macildowie is the team that I worked with. But, there's also the big incentives, the bonus scheme, and the chance to get to explore lots of different businesses in the area. There’s lots to get involved with – it’s not just the recruitment stuff.'

'I think it's good that you don’t necessarily have to go down a managerial route. I don’t know if I want to be a manager - but there’s other options within the business for me which is something that other businesses won’t always offer you.'

Tamsin - Managing Consultant

'I've worked at Macildowie 15.5 years now! I love the fact that the business does evolve and it doesn’t stand still, we are always looking at ways of improving us - both individually and as a business. We are always trying to keep ahead and up to date with what is going on in the market. We're always looking for innovative ideas on how we can set ourselves apart from the competition. Macildowie doesn’t stand still, and for me, that’s a massive part of it. It’s not the same thing every day and we’ve always kept up with the changes in the market.'

Lynn - Divisional Manager

'Since i've been here i’ve had the autonomy to make the job and the division my own, and that really suits the way I like to work. The team above me are really supportive, and that’s been a great opportunity for me to grow and develop already. I see much more opportunity across the business moving forward.'

'I like how the executive team are open and listen to new ideas, that to me has not just been a real highlight, but a real change for me. Which is great.'

Jamie - Business Manager

'This is my 11th year at Macildowie - James Taylor bought me in in 2007 just before the recession, we’ve had some really interesting and exciting times since. I’ve certainly learnt a lot about myself and the market, I’ve developed some really good relationships - not just within the business but with a lot of customers and candidates, who have since become clients and customers out of these relationships.'

'I think we are a very like minded bunch, we play hard and work hard. I think in my whole time I’ve been here there hasn’t been anybody that I’ve not liked working with. I think we hire very well, we recruit very well and we develop very well.  From a respect and modelling yourself basis, there are lots of people I look up to in the business and I’ve learnt a lot from them.'