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Restructure Services

Restructure Consultation Services

In the event an organisation finds itself over-staffed, typically a vetting process is commenced whereby existing employees are assessed for remaining roles. This process can be a very stressful time for all affected, be they the managers vetting their employees or the employees themselves.

It is imperative to ensure the vetting process:

  1. identifies the right person for the job without discrimination or bias
  2. has hiring managers competent in assessing skills, behaviours and motivational drive
  3. puts your employees under consultation at ease and helps to sell themselves as best they can

A restructure process that incorporates these elements successfully will:

  • reduce stress for all, 
  • boost confidence for all,
  • mitigate litigious risk and 
  • give all concerned a far more favourable opinion of your organisation and mitigate the risk of adverse GlassDoor reviews that would endanger your employer brand.

Macildowie can act as an independent third party to ensuring your process is robust in each of these areas. 

Typically, we work with your key stakeholders such as your Senior Leadership Team or Human Resources function to understand what successful outcomes look like and to define the scope of the services. These include:

  1. Training hiring managers on interview techniques 
  2. Interviewing for technical, competency and motivational drivers
  3. Competency interview 101
  4. Methodologies for reducing bias
  5. Training employees on interview techniques
  6. Creating a CV that represents them in the best way
  7. Interview do’s and don’ts
  8. Interviewing for technical, competency and motivational drivers
  9. Designing the interview process
  10. Defining the technical, competency and motivational questions
  11. Creating a scoring mechanism
  12. Training hiring managers on consistency of scoring
  13. Objective assessment
  14. Macildowie representatives taking part in interviews
  15. Post interview assessment and review
  16. Recommendations delivered to key stakeholders

We know every organisation is different so there are often requirements that fall outside of the above that we can accommodate. 

What’s important for you is having an external partner who can help you successfully navigate these often-treacherous waters.


Because all organisations are different, all restructure processes have peculiarities that mean broad brush pricing structures don’t work. Instead, your Macildowie partner will assess your organisation’s requirements and work with you to build an appropriate solution and pricing mechanism.

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