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Mindmill Psychometric Analysis

Mindmill Psychometric Analysis

What is Mindmill?

Mindmill is an online Psychometric Analysis and natural ability assessment tool, that is very easy to use and interpret. You do not need a psychology qualification to understand it.

Macildowie are the only recruitment consultancy who can offer Mindmill to you in the UK.

The candidate report gives you an overview of their natural behavioural preferences, ability in problem solving, detecting errors, numeracy and accuracy.  In addition the assessment will indicate each candidate's "trainability" (providing insight to inductions post hire) thanks to their Capacity for Processing Information (CPI) score.

A typical assessment takes 30-40 minutes to complete and the test has been reviewed and registered by the British Psychological Society (can be found here).

As a Hiring Manager, why should I use it?

Many hiring managers believe that the interview process is flawed as most people hire the candidate who is best at saying how good they will be at the job, rather than the person who will actually do the job best.  Mindmill will allow you to select the candidate with the best behaviours allowing you to coach or train the required hard skills.

Mindmill helps you to understand (easily) more about what makes your candidate tick.

Mindmill reduces subjectivity and brings some science to the process to increase your chances of hiring the best candidate for your business, for your team. 

That's not all...

  • The Mindmill report recommends areas of a candidates profile for you to probe deeper through additional questions at interview.
  • It opens up talent pools to you that you may not have previously considered (a material number of our clients have hired candidates that they wouldn’t have even interviewed without the Mindmill report accompanying the CV).
  • If you have recently started a role in a new organisation Mindmill can help you to get to know your team (and vice versa). 
  • Equally if you have been promoted internally it can help you to get to know your new team, what makes them tick, their preferred learning style and how you can best help them to be successful.
  • Mindmill can help you to build a high performing team by:
    • By recruiting complementary personality types.
    • By creating a blue print for behavioural success (we can help you map it out and recruit the best people to match your culture).
  • Help you get the most out of your team as a line manager (and get promoted!).
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