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Why work for Macildowie?

Let's talk about "dreams and vision's for the future" or as we call it internally - "Building Great Futures".

Our CEO regularly talks about the fact that he has a dream, actually, make that two dreams for us here at Macs.

Dream number one is for Macildowie to be recognised as the Best Recruitment Company to Work for in the...

Universe :-)

Dream number two, a slightly more tangible dream, is that our recruitment consultants only work on business that is exclusive - that means that they can work hard knowing that when they provide a solution to their clients needs, that they will get paid for their time spent working hard on that vacancy.

The industry standard conversion rate is 23% (that means most Recruiters fill only 23 out of every 100 vacancies that they work on).  Here at Macs, some Consultants operate at an 80%+ conversion rate.  Where we deliver a MacOne recruitment solution, that number jumps to 98.1%.  We want and expect our Consultants to be paid for the work that they do, we don't want them scrapping over business where they are in competition with multiple other agencies.  The great news is that we have an incredibly loyal customer base - that's what 25 years of heritage brings!

Our Management Team

Over the past few years we have recruited and developed the best Management Team in Macildowie's history.  We believe that the main purpose of our Management Community is to help each and every single recruitment consultant to achieve their full potential, in some cases exceed their own expectations of themselves and in all cases to perform to their personal best.  Internally we call this being the "best version of you".

Our Managers are all active experts in the market place, meaning that they will be walking shoulder to shoulder with you on client meetings, demonstrating how to promote our award winning customer value proposition in order to win exclusive business.  You'll wish that you had joined us earlier in your career!

Click here to meet our Management Team

Building Great Futures

This is our Mission, it refers to the work that we do and the "why" we exist from an external customer perspective.  

Working in recruitment we have two sets of external customer:

  • the job seeker.
  • the hiring manager or organisation.

We help organisation’s to find talent that they are either unable to access themselves or who they wouldn't have considered from a CV alone. We help them to upskill their workforce and build high-performing teams.

We help individual’s to secure exciting career opportunities that allow them to fulfil their goals and their ambitions.  

As already mentioned, many of the opportunities that we find for our candidates are exclusive to Macildowie - this means that the candidate wouldn't have secured that opportunity if they hadn't registered with us.

Building Great Futures is pretty cool when you think about it all!

Our Customer Value Proposition = your competitive advantage

We believe that Macildowie has a market leading Customer Value Proposition.  To find out more about the detail of what we offer to our customers please click here

We strongly believe that the reasons you should want to work for Macs are:

  • to be developed into the best version of you
  • to be rewarded for your success
  • to work for a manager who determines their own success based on that of the team
  • to have tools at your disposal that you will not have anywhere else
  • to work for a brand name that has 25 years of heritage and customer goodwill
  • to know what you need to do to progress your career - our career path is totally transparent

And finally, you should want to work here because you'll feel as if you have an advantage over your competitors.

Our Employee Value Proposition

There's more to Macs than meets the eye too.

We obviusly work incredibly hard to keep our customer value proposition ahead of the curve, and we believe that it in itself, plays a significant part in our EVP.

Please click here to find out about other exciting aspects of our EVP.